Today's funny spam


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Got this today, found it amusing:

I’ve visited today, and really would like to talk about
partnering up.
My name is (redacted) from (redacted).com a US top general search
We are a profitable and debt free company since 1996 and listed on
Dunn’s and Bradstreet.
You can check out our stats on Alexa to see our global reach and


I thank you for taking time to read this email and hope to welcome you
as a new (redacted) partner! This is a one time email as we found your site
off of Thelist or Google and thought this partnership would be a great

So, I should “partner” with them because they’re open spammers, whose search engine is so awesome that even they don’t use it.

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From: Janice
Date: 2006-03-01 07:13:58 -0600

And there is no apostrophe-s in Dunn and Bradstreet.