Bertrand Russell 3


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Well, it’s time once again for a Bertrand Russell party.

If you’ve been following along, you know the drill. If not, read on.

One of the flaws of the “holiday season” is that, since people like to spend it with their families, people with absent or obnoxious families get a week or two of time during which most of their friends are elsewhere. The solution is obvious: Host a Christmas party for all the people who don’t have a Christmas party to go to.

So, there you have it. December 24th. Come by any time after 1PM, and before about 11ish. There will be some sort of snacks available, but you’re welcome to bring more.

While the party is nominally a Christmas party, there will be little to no Christmas music, because I don’t think anyone on the continental US will want to hear any by December 24th. This is not a gift-giving occasion, so you don’t need to bring anything.

You are not required to know us personally, just to put in enough effort to figure out where we live (hint: It’s in St. Paul, MN) and come by. You may pass this invitation along to friends who need a party to go to.

We anticipate the return of Jesse’s exceptionally fine mulled cider, and possibly some apple crisp. This appears to be becoming an annual tradition.

If you like this idea, but can’t come to ours, go ahead and host your own.