Sometimes I don't know what to make of these.


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So, I got a call, from “David Collins” (305-971-4149).

He asked what company this was. (??) I told him it’s not a company, ‘cuz he called my personal line. He asked if we have a web site on the computer, and mentioned plethora (presumably referring to, the ISP/consulting thing I run), so I said “sure, what do you want”, and he asked what we do. What we do? He was just at the web site. I have no idea what to make of this. So I asked him why he wanted to know, and he mumbled something and hung up.

So I called back, and asked for more information, and he said “I axed you what you do, and if you’re that smart, I don’t think I wanna do business with you, don’t call me back.” And hung up.


Is this related to those emails we always get from people who want to use a credit card to order a thousand pentium 3 processors for shipping to Eastern Europe?

I mean, what am I supposed to think? He calls me maybe wanting to do business, but he has no idea what we do? He isn’t willing to say who he is or what he wants, and if we ask, that means he doesn’t want to do business with us?

I post the contact info so anyone else who gets similar calls can maybe provide additional data points, and/or to let them know that, yeah, that guy’s always like that.

FWIW, he seems to be in Miami, FL.