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A journalist commented on my third AltiVec article, saying that, for instance:

Tacking on to this theory, IBM then go on to demonstrate how you can make the spinning beach-ball of death (the ‘system busy, wait a couple of minutes’ OSX annoyance) more processor friendly by converting RGB pixel values. The page might as well be Microsoft showing how to make the BSOD process more memory efficient.

Read the whole article on The Inquirer’s web site.

Happy April Fools’, everyone.

BTW, the technical content is basically sound; all that’s wrong is that the examples are more contrived than people are used to.

Comments [archived]

From: Chris Weathers
Date: 2005-04-15 06:23:00 -0500

Hey, do you still have long hair?


From: seebs_lawyer
Date: 2005-04-15 23:07:37 -0500

Hair: yes

Soulful haunted look: no

Seebs–for GAWDS SAKE get a better fucking picture over to IBM! The one they have looks like fucking MAMA CASS!

From: tubby
Date: 2005-04-17 03:47:29 -0500

World’s dumbest PSA

A PSA is a public service announcement. Broadcast stations are required to air them for free. They don’t pay. That’s why you hear them on Air America!

I saw one on tv recently. It has to be the worlds dumbest.

An Anglo businessman is ordering whole wheat bread in a fine restaurant from an Hispanic waiter. The waiter continues to get the order wrong. The man says to another patron, “You’d think if they want to work in this country, they’d learn the language, know what I mean?” Another white man replies, “No, I don’t.” Then the PSA praises that latter man’s statement.

Well I assure you that the first man is correct, and the latter man is stupid. Any businessman anywhere will agree. No wonder the Democrat Party and liberalism are losing the battle of ideas.