Twenty two days.


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So, my spouse and I are both inclined to collect music, and I keep all my music on the computer as MP3s. To be fair, we have about five downloaded songs in the collection; stuff that isn’t in print, like Skeewiff’s techno remix of Man Of Constant Sorrow. And, like most people, we have an album or two we don’t own, such as a copy of the musical By Jeeves, which I have never seen for sale in the US.

The rest, we actually own. We’re talking about hundreds of CDs. And, on a whim, I copied the 36GB directory tree over to my Mac Mini’s external drive, and told iTunes to have a look.

7,740 songs. I knew that. 36.12GB. I knew that. 22.3 days. I did not know that.

Twenty two days. I could just leave this in shuffle-play for three weeks without repetition. Except for my two copies of Apollo 18, and a few songs that show up on more than one disc.


That’s a lot of music. Worse, I could easily name a dozen albums I used to own, but lost, or that I really wanted but never got. Maybe once it’s up to a solid month I should find a new hobby. Oh, wait. I already have one, suing junk faxers.