Looks to be hard to settle this after all.


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Ace Mortgage wanted to settle, but they don’t get it. They are trying to talk about settlement, but they want confidentiality and a time limit on the no-faxing rule. Hah. I don’t think they get it. The reason I settle fax cases for money is that people who send junk faxes generally don’t get ethics; all they hear is indistinct buzzing noises. This means they have to pay money, or they won’t believe it’s real. They also need an agreement not to fax, or they will anyway.

These incompetents ignored this lawsuit for most of a year, so they didn’t get their lawyers involved until now. “Now” is about three weeks (well, two now) before our hearing to determine whether or not we get treble damages. They already defaulted. Legally speaking, we already won the case; they aren’t invited to that hearing. From a practical perspective, they have a very hard case. This is not a well-handled case on their end. I don’t know that the lawyers can be blamed; it seems that they weren’t told about this until recently.

But the lawyers are the ones trying to get confidentiality and just pay money, ‘cuz they think it’s about money. Which is sorta counterproductive. Well, they can argue it in court, if they can get the judge to give them permission to do so.

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