A call for unity


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America has historically been a great country, a bastion of freedom, and I think it’s clear that we need to take action to regain our rightful place in the world. America is under attack; the enemies of the state are a clear and present danger to us. We need to do something about terrorists. We need to reclaim what is historically ours.

What, then, shall we do to deal with the terrorist problem? The first thing we need is more unity. I think it’s time we got behind our President. I mean, he may not be perfect, but he’s our president. We had an election, we voted, we elected him. Shouldn’t we give him our allegiance now? One country, one people, one President. It’s that simple. George W. Bush is a man of the people. He’s our President… But that’s really standing too much on ceremony. Dubya is a man of the people. We need to get behind our Dubya.

It is important that we try to correct occasional glitches or problems, but we must not let them distract us from our commitment to our great nation. We need to stand up and say “I will serve my country, right or wrong”, because if our great nation falls, there will be no one to care for right and wrong. The Republican party has a role to fill here. We are the example of faith, of bravery, of unchanging conviction. We are the old guard of the party that never wavers. Our Dubya has set a firm public example of conviction in the face of naysayers and doubters.

Freedom is not an easy goal to attain. Too long, we have lazily assumed that if we just trade with people, they will become free. No. Work makes freedom possible; we must be ready to do that work. There is a road to freedom. Its milestones are obedience, hard work, honesty, order, moral purity, family values, truthfulness, sacrifice, and love of our nation. Each of these has a crucial role to play in our goal of eventually providing the world with a real solution to the terrorist problem it faces today.

Terrorism threatens to undermine our vision of a free and peaceful future. Terrorism shows a vision of hatred for freedom. The world is divided by love and hate; to be on firm ground, one must know whom to love and whom to hate. Quite simply, we cannot be safe until we have defeated the terrorists completely, eradicated their vile poison from the earth. Some people argue for ever-increasing license and liberty, calling it “progress”, but this will not give us the final solution to the terrorist problem. Old-fashioned methods and morals will suit us just fine.

We don’t need to make alliances with everyone in the world, trying to find “common ground” among their disparate purposes. Great, truly world-shaking revolutions of a spiritual nature are not even conceivable and realizable except as the titanic struggles of individual formations, never as enterprises of coalitions. Our Dubya has the vision, the leadership, the plan to make this happen.

Who’s with me?

Edit, 2/25/05: In fact, even I’m not with me. For those who didn’t get it, the above speech is rife with direct quotes from Hitler and Goebbels, and if you found yourself agreeing with it, you should seek professional help.

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From: dave
Date: 2005-02-21 15:23:49 -0600

Who are you, and what did you do with seebs?

If America really wants to export freedom to the rest of the world, giving it some attention at home might be a good first step. It’s a lot easier to start with freedom and get security once that’s established than the other way around.

From: wordwizard
Date: 2005-02-23 12:52:41 -0600

Hip Hip Hooray!! The shortsighted, they will always be with us… but Three Cheers for all who take off their blinders and see the truth; for the truth will set us free indeed…

For a good take on the whys and wherefores of W’s making nice with the Europhiles you might read Mark Steyn…


From: John
Date: 2005-02-23 20:42:15 -0600

Wow…Is it April Fool’s already?

From: Tom
Date: 2005-02-23 22:05:35 -0600

Sorry Seebs, I’m not with you.

Dubya is evil. I don’t care that he finally got elected. Did you actually suggest to anyone that they get behind the winner of the 2000 election? Or does democratic process only become a principle when it suits you?

I cannot support Dubya because his administration is so anti-christian. Jesus’ ethics can be summed up in three principles.

1) Peaceful relationships

2) Material simplicity

3) Take care of the poor and weak

Dubya’s two big accomplishments, after taking office over the American people’s choice in 2000, were further enriching the already wealthy and starting a war. Progams all over America and the world are being cut because the Bush administration thinks tax cuts and war are better investments than basic needs for poor people. He hasd lied to the American people many times. He combines christian theology and pagan values in a way that is very attractive to the rich and the ignorant. No, he is not my president.

What “old-fashioned methods and morals” are you refering to? The ones where white people get all the good jobs? Where gay people can freely choose between the closet and gay-bashing? Where women who are too good for being barefoot and pregnant get what they deserve? Where third world people should be happy to get a nickel a day instead of health care or education?

Terrorism undermines the vision of a free and peaceful future for white heterosexual christian males, and the women who buy into their program. But the reason that suicide bombers are so effective and numerous is that most Children of God don’t fit that description. The poor, non-white dispossessed of the world have discovered technology that gives them a voice in world affairs. You can’t kill all of them, no matter how hard you try.

Until we find a leader who is willing to grapple with the moral issues that create “terrorism”, instead of re-defining it to suit us, we will not be safe. There are more terrorists now than before 911. Dubya hasn’t a clue, much less a vision, leadership, or a plan.

I would no more support Dubya than I would Hitler.


From: betty
Date: 2005-02-24 02:45:51 -0600

OMG, did you just say the English translation of “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer”?!

Holy schmoley, and then you said “Arbeit macht Frei(heit)”.

I see “final solution” too.

Did I miss some? I don’t really get the joke and I’m kinda scared.

From: Kavvas
Date: 2005-02-24 21:51:50 -0600

Finally! A liberal Christian starts to make some sense. Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t a new Christian leader come into your life recently Seebs? Few of us sinful humans make such a leap from darkness into the light without help from a more advanced Christian. Of course I’m never one to underestimate the Power of Christ or His Mysterios Ways. But your change of heart gives me hope for a better future in America.

We must both pray for poor Tom. He is obviously still in the clutches of Satan. Maybe he wants to be a Christian. But liberals have given him no understanding of the Risen Christ. I don’t mean to point fingers, but I’ve read through some of your blog. You owe him the Truth. He doesn’t understand why God made women dependent, or that Jesus clearly said “The poor you will always have with you.” His sympathy for sexual deviants suggets to me that he could be cuaght in Satans snare of lust himself. How do you know that he isn’t a doomed sodomite himself? You owe him more than a retraction of your blog statements like “Christianity should support gay marriage”

Did you know that there are Christians that will will help you pray for hs soul? They don’t do it for the money but contributions give them more time to pray. Please feel freeto Email me if you have trouble locating contact information for their important work.

Yours in Christ,

HevvinMachine (Kavvy)

From: Goliath
Date: 2005-02-24 23:44:29 -0600

I’m certainly not with you, seebs. However, I thank you for showing me the bile and hate that I know you’re made of.

You sicken me.

From: Goliath
Date: 2005-02-24 23:45:13 -0600

On second thought, replace “know” with “suspected”…I spoke a bit too quickly.

From: Grizzly
Date: 2005-03-02 09:05:35 -0600

Hey seebs,

I think your CF post would have worked better if you had used a sock-puppet account. People at CF know you too well to think that you would post something like that. Plus, you could have seen who would have given you “reps” for the post. That would have been interesting.

From: Baalthazaq
Date: 2005-03-25 18:26:49 -0600

I was a little surprised, and find myself agreeing with none of it until I saw the disclaimer at the bottom. ;)