Even funnier art theft.


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This isn’t, technically, theft. No, I’m sure it’s all very carefully considered, and legal.

Come to think of it, it’s probably not art. I don’t think something which is carefully constructed with focus groups to try to perfectly imitate a successful work of art can be considered “art” in its own right.

But I ask you to consider the strange similarity between Harry Potter (boy wizard attending school for wizards) and Charlie Bone (boy wizard attending school for wizards).

Note that they even sort of approximate the artistic style of the covers:


Or get a better look here:


Very familiar, that art style. And the lettering. The details are different, and some reviewers apparently feel that the book is similar in style. But… It’s hard not to think of this as an effort at capturing the success of the Harry Potter books. Come on, guys. Do your own stuff.