Court TV: Dishonest, hypocritical, spammers.


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So, here’s the idea. You have a really sucky TV channel, called Court TV (or perhaps they’d rather we spelled it CourtTV). Here’s the idea. Rather than market honestly, they have shills post spam. Lots of spam. They register for a dozen message boards and post identical messages to all of them, asking questions and linking to the coverage on Court TV’s page. They don’t admit that it’s an ad, or that they’re posting the same thing everywhere; they pretend to be members of the community, hoping that no one will notice right away that, say, the user “matt81” has never posted anything but links to Court TV.

Okay, that gets us to “spam” and “dishonest”.

Here’s where it gets funny. Court TV has a BBS system, and on that BBS system, attempts to discuss this are deleted quickly. But, best of all, they have a policy against spam posts just like this. So it’s not that they don’t know that this is harmful, disruptive, wrong, and bad. It’s that they are proud of how they thought of it first, and they don’t want anyone doing it to them.

So remember. Court TV == spam. They are bad, dishonest, people. Do not patronize them, do not support them. Instead, make sure that you link to the above page, using likely keywords, and help other people find out the simple truth.