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A friend of mine posted an interesting comment or three about Commercemass, when we celebrate how much money we have to spend, and how the day after it is Ingratitude Day, when we exchange gifts for, well, toys we want to pick for ourselves instead of reminders of our friends who care about us.


I hate the whole thing. It’s not that I don’t like to give people presents. It’s that I don’t entirely like the underlying mindset, and I’m not sure it does our economy any good to have a big burst in needless consumption.

I think maybe this year I’ll get people gift certificates good for, say, four hours of my time doing social things, whether it’s bowling or watching movies or playing board games. At the rate I normally get paid for work, that’s worth more than most presents I could buy, and it involves less shopping.

I invite anyone who is thinking of gifts to get me something that you don’t have to shop for, or perhaps just give me a call, or come over and visit sometime.

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From: Elliott
Date: 2004-12-01 21:35:04 -0600

You know you just want some sweet Shrek action.

From: dave
Date: 2004-12-03 14:49:46 -0600

Got this in an email from Mom today:

“Some of you have been asking me for a wish list, so I’ve been trying hard to be discontent with what I have.”

Pretty much sums up my opinion on the matter.

I usually just tell people that if I see something I think is worth getting for them, I’ll get it and not worry about whether the calendar says I have an excuse to give it to them, and that things would be easier for all concerned if they did the same. No big burst of needless consumption, and it often manages to reduce the total amount of needless consumption by getting rid of the “I need to get something for this person, and have no idea what, so it’ll have to be something they probably don’t have a use for” that seems so common this time of year.

From: Kris
Date: 2004-12-04 22:36:00 -0600

I love it! Its a perfect idea!

And since I got laid off Friday.. umm yeah its even more perfect for me! hahahaha

Fortunately I got the kid’s stuff bought.. he would NOT understand no Santa. Ugh I hate being an adult some times.

Anyway MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!

From: Greg
Date: 2004-12-08 07:56:11 -0600

I just realized that the Advent season is, in addition to a season of promise, a penitential season. The Commerce Mass (or CRass for short) part of things, then, could be a sort of atonement for my sins. Sigh.

From: George W
Date: 2005-09-07 16:39:57 -0500

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