Bertrand Russell 2


Categories: Personal

Bertrand Russell Parties are fun. So much fun that we’re gonna do one this year, too. December 24th, 2004. Afternoon and evening; figure we’ll have the house in some kind of shape for visitors by 1PM. There will be food. There might be video games. There will be a grapefruit tree with lights on it, and maybe some music. Come by whenever, before about 11PM. Call if you’re unsure, or if you just want someone to talk to. Our party, like us, will be in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Email for directions, if you need them.

For those who weren’t around last year, the idea is simple: A Christmas party for the set of all people who are not invited to a Christmas party. Or who just have some good reason not to go. Family troubles? Family in another state? Don’t get along with Cousin Joe? Whatever. Come on by. We’ll come up with something.

As always, we claim no ownership of the idea, and encourage other people to have one too.