Sprint insults my intelligence


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So, I got an offer from Sprint. I can get service credits (not money, just credits towards service) by selling them my old phones.

That is to say, they’ll offer me \$75.00.

Here’s the page for the Treo 600 at Sprint PCS.

Here’s the price chart:




regular price

– \$150.00

instant savings

– \$30.00

web special


online price


So, basically, they want me to give them a \$400 phone. For \$75.

My theory is that this is probably because Treo 600 phones have had reliability problems; I think I’m on my fourth. So, they probably need working phones they can test out and label “refurbished” to give people instead of buying more phones to keep up with the incredible rate at which these things go south.

But… \$75. On a phone that they won’t sell new for under \$420, and they still claim is a \$600 phone. And that \$150 savings is only if you’re activating new service and have a two-year service contract.

Wow. I’m wondering if I should point out to them the clear message they’re sending me about the intelligence they want to see in their user base.