A practical observation.


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When an editor asks if 1:51AM Sunday morning is “an okay time to call” and wants to know whether you can have a two thousand word article done “by Monday”… That is a good sign that the answer to one of life’s pressing dilemmas is “you can pay both the mortgage and your health coverage, after all”.

And when someone like me is still up at 7:40 in the morning, that’s a good sign that someone just wrote two thousand words on a fairly obscure topic in under four hours.

My head hurts. I am going to lie down on a bed and see if one of the cats will purr until I fall asleep.

But it’s a good tired.

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From: seebs_lawyer
Date: 2004-09-19 18:25:37 -0500

Ye scury dog! Did ye write it like a pirate or like a lubber?