Project Home


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So, my church is involved with something called “Project HOME”. I believe it’s the same one as this one, although that’s not my church. But, hey, we all agree on this stuff.

Anyway, I’m on the substitute list, and someone couldn’t make it, so I spent the night hanging out in the church library, reading books, watching DVDs, and then making breakfast for some homeless people. If there’s something like this in your area, get involved; it’s a Good Thing. It’s amazing how something so simple as “someone made coffee before you got up” can make someone’s day easier.

But, what I really want to share, is how beautiful the sunrise was. The sun was entirely below the horizon, but there was a thick bank of dark clouds in that direction. So… The sky’s the pale blue you expect during dawn, and the clouds are doing that darkly luminous purple, somewhere between violet and lavender, that they do in the mornings… And then there’s the area where the sun would be, if it were up, which is gradually turning from a dark purple into a dusty rose, without the slightest hint of orange; just bluish and purplish reds, and dusty pink.

Absolutely stunning.

First time in the last decade I’ve been glad to get stuck at a red light, I might add.