AWA revisited: We get to go there, but no thanks to spammers.


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It turns out that the problem is that Anime Weekend Atlanta loses a lot of mail to spam filters. The alternative, of course, is to not get any at all; for anyone who has published addresses, trying to get by without spam filters is just a joke. (I get well over a thousand spams a day, and I’ve gotten a few hundred bounce messages from a spam run someone put one of my addresses on.)

But… The very excellent AWA people, once they heard of our plight, made a special effort to track down a table for us. So, we’re going after all.

A reminder, then, that when you think someone’s being unprofessional, the first thing you should do is blame spammers. Realistically, they’re more likely to be at fault than anyone else is.

That said… If I’d been more active in pursuing contact, we wouldn’ta had this problem anyway. So, it’s probably more my fault than it was AWA’s, and I shoulda been more fair to them. Mea culpa.

(See the previous article, if you’re curious.)