Unless this guy is WAY more subtle than I think he is.


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We just got visited by the Stupid Thief.

So, Jesse goes downstairs, around 2:50 in the morning, and finds the back door, and the basement door, open.

So we call the cops. They wander through the house. No mysterious people. Our roommate’s room is open, with the light on. This is odd, because she’s in Oregon.

A couple of our cats went missing. Apart from that, we can’t find anything missing. Computers still plugged in and running, monitors still present. No TV/VCR stuff to be had down there. Well, actually, our ex-roommate’s TV was just sitting on the floor, and still is.

But… While we were seeing the police off, we noticed something. A reasonably new-looking Huffy bicycle. In our driveway. Which was decidedly not there when we were out for dinner.

That’s right, folks. The genius who came into our house in the middle of the night GAVE US A BICYCLE.

If there’s anything missing, it’s too subtle for me to identify it so far. We’ll keep trying to think of things. We got the cats back; Graystoke, as is his wont, skulked around until he heard us talking, then immediately froze in place mewling like a frightened kitten. He’s really, really, really not an outdoors cat. Maya took a little more effort to catch, but the food dish always works on a domesticated cat. We found Jimbo hiding in the basement.


What on EARTH was this? World’s dumbest thieves? Were these the guys Tom scared off a while back, coming back to search around for… I dunno, whatever they thought they wanted?

But the thing that’s really throwing me off is the bicycle. I mean, come on. That’s gotta have been worth something. Why abandon it?