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Wasn’t all that long ago that Christianity was “classified as a cult”.

If I can talk to someone about what Jesus wants us to do, and we find that we are on common ground, and discuss the importance of the Sermon on the Mount in our personal lives… I’m not gonna call his belief system “a cult”. I may think it’s weird or strange, but lots of people think the stuff I believe is weird or strange.

Everything I’ve heard people say about Mormons, I’ve heard said about Catholics, I’ve heard said about Nondenominationals… We’ve got people who go to churches which adhere to the Nicene Creed, but match every legal standard you can think of for being a dangerous cult, with mind-control techniques, vicious enforcement of the whims of their leaders, obscene wealth (and I really do mean obscene), and everything. But, although their church is clearly “a cult”, they’re “good enough”.

Honestly, I don’t care whether or not the LDS are “a cult” in some peoples’ eyes. The way some of the “real Christians” treat them here is an abomination and a defilement of the board, and is some of the most horrifically bad witnessing we ever do. I’m not arguing with the desire to defend the Creed; I’m arguing with the personal attacks and willful cruelty that have been coming along for the ride in some posts.