Sprint wants spammer dollars!


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Sprint has made a request on your behalf to remove your email address from the
distribution list used by Las Vegas Locals.


Sprint Acceptable Use Policy Enforcement

This is what we call high-class spam support services. It’s not just that they’re letting the spammers stay around. It’s that they’re helping the spammers. You see, if the spammers are allowed to spam “everyone who hasn’t complained yet”, they are still hitting a couple million people who don’t want their spam, because most people have despaired of ever getting the deluge to stop. Furthermore, even if the spammers some day do manage to lose their special spam-friendly contract at Sprint, they will find it easier and easier to get hosting, and keep it, if they’ve been allowed to clean their lists of the few people who can track back through the mire of headers and figure out who’s spamming them. This isn’t just good for the spammers; it’s bad for every other ISP who might some day host them for a while, who will have a harder time getting the evidence they need to boot the spammers.

This behavior harms everyone in the entire world except for the spammer. It is unbelievable.

This is a good time to remind everyone: Get an RBL subscription, and use the MAPS RBL. It’s still the best-run blacklist, and everyone using it makes it a more effective tool for persuading spammers to stop.