Strata/Fifth-letter are SPAMMING SCUMBAGS.


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If you are ever thinking about writing, and you encounter an entity using the domain “” or the name “Strata Magazine”, AVOID THEM LIKE THE SPAMMING PLAGUE THEY ARE! They have been spamming me for a LONG time. They scrape addresses off of web sites, and spam spam spam the night away. They do this despite multiple requests that they go away. The one good thing they ever did was stop for a while, but they started up again.

Their phone number is 336-723-5655, and I am about ready to call it and ask what the FUCK they think they are doing. What assholes! I’m on a cell phone here, paying by the microsecond to read their spam.

(Disclaimer: Actually, it’s bundled service, but the principle applies.)

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From: Jerminah motloung
Date: 2013-12-10 06:03:29 -0600

m trying to find my sister at hospital and i have enetred my full details at helen joseph hostiptal so m tying to check up on her if shes ther no they asking bout spam what is spam