Cheap TV, redux. Advent turns out to be a zombie.


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As I mentioned previously, my Advent TV sucks. A month or two out of warranty, it lost the ability to power on. This behavior has been noted by other people. I took it in for service, based on the suggestion from the Advent people that it wouldn’t be very expensive.

The Best Buy folks want \$150 to fix it. It was only a \$200 TV to begin with.

The problem is that the TV partially powers on the instant it’s plugged in, but that any button touched causes it to turn off again. According to the Best Buy people, this involves a failed EEPROM, which must be replaced with a freshly-programmed one. They can’t suggest anything to keep the TV from frying another EEPROM; I’m better off spending a little more on a new TV than I am trying to recover this one.

This is another of those zombie companies. Advent, the company that used to make high quality products, died. Some cheap company with a factory in China reanimated the corpse, sticking their logos on “Prima” brand TVs, hoping for name recognition from people who have a good pair of speakers they bought 30 years ago which are still working.

Depressing. It’s really just depressing. I guess I can look into the cost of getting a new TV. It won’t cost enough more for me to care, and I don’t feel like paying Best Buy \$150 for what is apparently a \$15 part that only broke because they sold me a shoddy product in the first place.

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From: nphase
Date: 2004-04-17 11:08:23 -0500

wow, thats kind of retarded.

right now im trying to figure out if your page really is slanted or my monitor is screwed up.

From: Jesse
Date: 2004-04-19 18:38:35 -0500

Actually, it should be flashing pink with capering blue squirrels. If you’re not seeing that, there’s something wrong on your end.


From: seebs_lawyer
Date: 2004-04-19 20:26:44 -0500

If you see this dude,

you have the limited edition necromancy version. Ask Henry what he thinks about his name being used for cheapshit TVs!

From: Tubby
Date: 2004-04-22 16:17:51 -0500

Can’t you and a few thousand of your closest friends start a class action suit against China? I also have bought a lot of electronics from there and without exception they are junk. I finally learned and avoid Chinese junk now. This is taking planned obsolescence to an art form!

Isn’t there some way to nail them? I mean it is a scam, selling “eye-wash” (looks good but ain’t) and falsely representing their goods as working when they don’t. Marvin Belli, king of torts, once won a big lawsuit over inadequate vaccine because his legal secretary suggested he create a new argument - implied warranty. It was the unspoken and unwritten implication that the product would actually work… and it turned out to be the winning argument with the jury. Isn’t there an implied warranty for electronics too? Or am I being overly Polyana-like again?

From: Sarah
Date: 2004-04-29 11:46:39 -0500

I bought a 27 in Advent tv from Best Buy in Nov of 03. It broke in Feb 04. I took it to the electronic plave the Advent people told me to take it to, but it has been three months and nothing. The shop says that they are waiting for the part and there is nothing they can do. Is there a number where I can reach these people? Even if the part came from china on a banana boat it should have arrived by now. This is ridiculous!

From: Matt Williams
Date: 2004-05-02 15:59:24 -0500

Oh my god, this just happened to me too like 10 mintues ago. I tried to turn it on and it just started smoking and now my7 roo smells like burnt chinese garbage. There has to be something we can do this is bs!!!

From: Gordon Nelson
Date: 2005-01-02 14:27:46 -0600

I fell for this Advent crap as well. My HT3251A bought at best buy went out in 14 months. They told me the part was on back order with no delivery date. The best but tech came to my house, charged me $90 and said that I would be lucky to ever get the part. I contacted Advent and they put me in contact with (Vic). I spoke to Vic on the phone and he said to e-mail him with my information. That was a month ago and I have yet to hear back from him.

From: Advent Dude
Date: 2005-01-09 06:59:40 -0600

Hey guys, I used to work for Advent TV. They are located in Vancouver, BC Canada so the # you called reaches their call center… To answer the question regarding why it takes 3 months for the parts to be shipped to their service place, the reason is they have a crappy parts dept.. They just don’t know what to do with everything. Yes, the product sucks crap and that is why I don’t work there anymore. I don’t suggest people to buy their product either.

From: jeff
Date: 2005-01-10 22:06:31 -0600

Bad dreams.

I have bought a advent 2735A in Oct. 2002 and it started to make some noise in Oct. 2003. I called the support of Future Shop ( now a part of Best Buy) and they arranged someone come and replace a part. After one year, in Nov. 2004, same problem happened again. A good news is that they didn’t received the part to replace this time in 2 months, and they promise to change another one. They offered a Prima TV, I told them I hated such products and they agreed to let me have a Toshiba 27F44. Hopefully this is the end of my bad dream.

Tell friends not buy Advents or Primas.

From: Mark
Date: 2005-01-31 15:02:44 -0600

I guess it’s not just me then. I bought a 32” Advent HDTV in October 2003. It went out on me in Nov. 2004 exactly a month after the warranty had expired. TV cost me $500+ and it seems noone has parts to fix it. I called their customer service and they gave me a fax number to put my order in. I haven’t heard anything about anything yet. It’s been two months. They haven’t even asked for any sort of a payment either. I’m beginning to think this is some sort of a scam, as from previous posts all TVs go bad within about a year. Let me know if you want to sign a petition of some sort against these bastards.

From: mark
Date: 2005-02-02 22:35:18 -0600

thanks people! I was looking at buying a advent tv hd. just thought I would see what if any info. was out there and here you are. I well not be buying an advent now! thankyou so much. Mark

From: richmond
Date: 2005-02-25 09:45:10 -0600

Its not just advent. I got a phillips plasma tv 4 yrs ago when plasmas first came out. The entire system cost U$10,000. The screen died about 6 months ago. Of course it was no longer under warranty. The service people tried to fix it but they really didn’t seem to know what was wrong with it. They finally figured it was the screen that was faulty. But it would be more expensive to replace than to buy a newer better plasma or flat screen projection set. This is after it cost me $1000 in the wrong repairs.

From: Harry
Date: 2005-03-09 11:45:53 -0600

Wish i had seen these comments before I bought my Advent 14 incher, w/DVD player. Picture seems Ok but the sound rivals the “snuff can” telephones we had as kids. It’s not only that it isn’t stereo, it’s very poor mono !!

From: Tony
Date: 2005-03-09 14:36:50 -0600

I have sent a fax couple of weeks ago no reply so I Sent another fax to Advent for parts . The customer will have bought another T.V. by the time I get an

answer. Such is the wonderful world of tv repairing

now a days .

From: matt
Date: 2005-03-22 11:19:05 -0600

i picked up… garbage picked at 27 inch flat screen ADVENT… a guy fixed it for me for $100. fixed it in 3 days. i dont know how long it will last but it will be great for my kids play room. Anywhoooo… im needing the remote code. i have RCA universl remote but ADVENT is not listed in manual or online at RCA. Does somone have a code for the TV or maybe somone wants to get rid of their ADVENT remote



From: Blake
Date: 2005-04-14 15:59:07 -0500

Do not buy Advent. The authorized repair shops say Advent is slow on responding and does not send quality parts. Stay away.

From: Raúl
Date: 2005-04-14 22:39:17 -0500

Great… just 1o minutes ago (yes me too) it died. I turned it on and it started beeping and no image… it sounds like it wants to explode. I bought year and half ago in best buy. It first started with a stupid noise SO annoying, and now this beeping with no image. Dont buy this crap! I dont even know how I am going to get rid of it. Maybe the 100 usd solution will work…. where did you find somebody to fix it for 100!!!!! best buy asks for 90, just to chekc it and but it wont go under 200 over all….. is it worth? I am really pissed off i dont have money now to buy another TV!!!!!! thanks for sharing any ideas!

Date: 2005-05-25 21:04:42 -0500

ITS FUNNY, but not that funny. I had a similar thing with w computer I bought off of

It was advertised with a DVD burner. This was a UBid product from their warehouse, not some third party. I didn’t actually try to burn anything in the first 30 days, and when I told them on day 46, they said “too bad, not reported in 30 days”.

From: Neil
Date: 2005-06-05 06:55:15 -0500

I wish that I had read this forum before I bought my Advent 30” HDTV from Kmart. I bought this only three days ago and the remote, or remote receiver on the TV is not working already. I have to hold the remote right against the receiving eye on the TV in order for the TV to get the signal. It makes me feel like I am flashing back to the days before remote controls. I am going to take this POS back and get something worthwhile.

From: Dave
Date: 2005-06-23 11:12:19 -0500

I bought a Advent TV 13 months ago. Yesterday, my wife heard a sizzling noise and the TV screen went blank. I did not buy the extended warranty from Best Buy because it was half the cost of a TV purchase price. Looks like I will have to find a cheap repair shop- or junk it.

From: dede
Date: 2005-07-15 20:06:30 -0500

Bottom line, Advent doesn’t stand up and either does Best Buy, class action law suit against Best buy to fix problem for free would be the best course of action!!!!

From: xubuli
Date: 2005-07-30 11:14:37 -0500

I had the same problem with my Advent Q2035A TV. It was working yesterday. But I cannot even turn it on today. Power problem.

From: Trevor
Date: 2005-08-03 10:25:24 -0500

Thats what happens when you buy CHEAP Tv’s…spend the extra 50-100 and get something that is quality. If we all focused on quality more than price maybe we wouldn’t be losing all of our jobs to China and India!

From: katrent
Date: 2005-08-13 14:35:58 -0500

I have an Advent Q2735A. I bought it a few years ago, but it started giving me some problems too. Not only has it started to make a humming/buzzing noise, but the screen also goes blank. Sometimes it just won’t turn on, and other times it will just go blank after its been on. I’m debating if I should even bother getting it repaired. I called the company and they said that they never heard of anyone having this problem before. Whatever!

From: Susan Weise
Date: 2005-08-18 18:40:01 -0500


From: sucker
Date: 2005-08-19 03:57:42 -0500

Holy crap i was at best buy today looking at that 30” widescreen by advent and i already own the 27” hdtv, bought it about half a year ago and now i know what to expect thanks. anyone wanna buy an hdtv?

From: poo poo plasma
Date: 2005-08-20 12:30:38 -0500

my girlfriend got me an advent tv for my birthday about 14 months ago. the remote died one night and i got a universal remote (so i could put it on channel 3 to play super nes) and the minute i programed it in, the screen flashed white and the whole thing crashed. i was ready to blame the remote until i saw this webpage. the worst thing is, now my girlfriend will feel bad about buying me this zombie P.O.S.!

From: mad man
Date: 2005-09-02 14:22:01 -0500

I too have a 27” HD POS. the hokey little repair shop said he couldn’t even find a repair manual

the tv tube sounds like it’s turning on but the shuts down. The tv is 18 months old the repair shop said it would probably cost about $400.00

bucks the tv was 500.00 new do not buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 2005-09-23 18:47:46 -0500


From: Robert Sandin
Date: 2005-09-26 23:25:15 -0500

WOW!!! I feel lucky, my 32” HT3251A lasted 2 years and 6 months. The outside world video circuit just died and now I have a 32” radio, but the picture tube is good though because I can bring up the set menu. From the sounds of everyoneelses problems, I may as well buy a new TV.

From: Dave
Date: 2005-10-01 12:02:43 -0500

I bot an Advent Q328A 32” TV in March 2001. Just bot a remote that works fine. The remote is a “One for All” remote sold at Walmart for $8.

Have had recent episodes where we sporadically lose the blue in the TV color. It’s ok now, but I’d hate to have to repair it after reading your comments.

From: Jay Smith
Date: 2005-10-14 19:17:56 -0500

hey, i bought one of these crap boxes thinking it was made by the same people that made the speakers years ago. I feel extremely lucky that mine has lasted for about 4 years now. The only problem is that the remote buttons are starting to not work without pounding on them. If anyone whos TV broke has got a remote for a q2735a model that that worked fine, I will buy it from you. I can’t get any universals to work and the cheapest replacement I found was $25. I’ll give someone $10 plus shipping.

From: thomas hyson
Date: 2005-10-19 11:32:24 -0500

have a 32 inch q328a advent tv,the sound does not work,and the remote power button does not work,best buy will not help me,and the 1-888 number they gave my i was on hold for 1.5 hrs, and gave up.anybody want a free going back to zennith.

From: Bubba Miller
Date: 2005-10-29 18:21:05 -0500

GEEEEZZZ, I’ve been googling search Advent trying to find some remote control codes.

Then I find this thread telling me I’ll be lucky if my Q27” flat screen last a year! Yes, a Best Buy purchase, they had them stacked up like firewood a year ago turning them cheap. I didn’t have the cash to get my usual SONY quality damit.

Oh well, it goes out when it goes out…I hope some other guys have learned from this as I have. It seems to be a lesson that has to be re-taught everynow and again to us stubborn types.

Thanks for the info and “headsup” on this POS.

Charles Miller

Bossier City, La.

From: tom
Date: 2005-11-04 06:39:39 -0600


My older Advent is not crap. It was a cheap flat screen. Yes, I noticed the sound stereo was really, really poor, but I have a nice surround sound system from back when they cost 1200 dollars.

The remote just broke and I will need a part, oh my, I know you guys said the part department was bad.

You can not get a dish network remote to recognize the puppy. I never liked that but I liked the price and the color and picture are much better than the competition at the time. Cheaper flat screens. I got it dirt cheap and it is large and nice. Sound really sucks though but I knew that going in.

thomas latty

From: Lana Dorsey
Date: 2005-11-05 07:40:17 -0600

I also bought my Advent from Best Buy in 2003.

It was a floor model and it didn’t have the manuel included. They told me I could get it on line. I paid over 400.00 for the HD TV.

It shuts off by itself constantly, and it is very annoying. How can Best Buy sell such a piece of Junk? Greed, Money, and no regard for the consumer. Yes, “Buyer Beware”, but doesn’t the store have a responsbility to its customers????


From: Kent
Date: 2005-11-10 18:35:18 -0600

I bought an HT3251A and it was working fine when I brought it home. Now it won’t turn on and it makes a beeping noise every 5 seconds. Anybody got any advice? Hopefully it’s just a fuse but why would it go so early?

From: lawrence
Date: 2005-11-10 22:10:36 -0600

oh sht. I just bought a 32” Advent hdtv.20mins ago.

I think I will cancell my delivery tomorrow around 6a.m. or as soon as they open.

                              P.S.<br />

I should have listen to my wife when she said “Let’s check the internet first”. and “ why do they have only 1 advent tv in this whole store “?

From: Angie,
Date: 2005-11-17 14:38:13 -0600

Hello Fellow Advent haters!

I bought my Advent HT3251A , only three months ago, the picture completely went out. Because I didn’t buy the extended warrantee at Circuit City, they only warrantee it for 30 days. They told me to call the Manufacturer and I did. The manufacturer gave me a number of a local TV repair man, he came and got the TV three days after I called him because his “guy” didn’t show up for work for three days. When they came and got the TV, they knocked over my end table and broke a vase my daughter made. Anyway… I called them a week later and he said he needed parts, so he faxed them what he needed. A week later I called him and he said he hasn’t heard form them so I called the warrantee people and they said they needed the serial number off the TV, so I got that and called the warrantee people back. A few days later I called them back and they told me the parts were shipped. I called a few days later; I was told it would take over a week because the parts had to go through customs. I called a week later, and the repair guy had not received the parts so I called the manufacturer back on November 15 and this guy told me he would see to it that it was shipped UPS over night and he would email me a tracking number. I never got that email. I called the repair guy today and he has not received the parts. So I called the manufacturer again and he said it was shipped out yesterday and he gave me the tracking number. I called UPS and they have NO record of it!!! I have searched the Internet trying to find a phone number to advent corporate offices and I cannot find it. The manufacturers will not give it to me. I am SICK of the lies and being put off over and over again. As soon as I post this I am going to the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint. I have been paying for high definition cable for a month and have not been able to use it, so I am stuck with that bill.

I cannot believe a television lasts for 3 months and no one gives a crap, customer service stinks and they do not stand behind their products.

If anyone finds out any phone numbers other than the helpless one they give you (1-888-474-2314) PLEASE POST IT FOR THE REST OF US TO USE????

I too spoke to Vic like one of the other dissatisfied customers did; he was the one I spoke to about the tracking number. He sounds helpful at first but he is just as bad as the rest of them. Their so-called “manager” Tina hung up on me twice. Karen was no help as well; I spoke to Ali in the parts department and Reshmei in customer service. Everyone I spoke to gave me the run around. I still have no parts and I still have no TV and I sure as #### do not have satisfaction!

The advice I can give to anyone who is buying a television is PLEASE DO NOT buy one from this company! You will regret it, I promise you that!

From: Alex
Date: 2005-11-17 20:29:00 -0600

WOW! I was so close to buying an Advent ALX HT2778A from circuit city cuz of the cheapo price for an HDTV. It sound like i’d do better to buy a a refurbished toshiba or something this new pos. P.S. Don’t buy sony cuz they suck in too many ways including the whole rootkit thing.

From: Raul
Date: 2005-12-07 19:22:03 -0600

I just bought an Advent 20H15 from Brandsmart with an extended warranty and not even Brandsmart is helping me at all. i have spoken with Vic, Dan, flania, and 3 other reps who do not give a damm of what is going on with our problems. If someone reads this note please send me an email to, we can give them legal problems but we need to be united. Lets get the most names and addresses, the companies that distribute this Brand should be responsible too.

From: Timothy
Date: 2005-12-19 17:03:37 -0600

I purchased an Advent HDTV from Best Buy about two years ago. It was used in a guest bed room and probably ran about 6-8 hours per month. Well after being in the shop for almost 4 months and waiting for for various parts to be sent which all were suppose to fix the problem, the repair guy now says it must be the picture tube. I told him to put it in the trash. He’s not going to charge me and he too now knows what crap Advent tv’s are and what crappy support they ofter.

From: j aitchison
Date: 2005-12-22 16:20:56 -0600

thanks for all the coments i have read i was just going to buy one tonight but not now thanks

From: Jack Miller
Date: 2005-12-27 21:18:55 -0600

I purchased an ADVENT 20 inch TV about 9 months ago. It turns on then turns itself off after 2 minutes. Have called the so called PWW worldwide warranty and was told to take the TV to the nearest service center (about 320 miles rt) and pay for all labor and then return to pick it up. Have tried to contact the corporate headquarters and have had no luck. With the customer service that I received from ADVENT, I would have been better off to buy an unnamed brand from someone selling TV’s from a the back of a pick-up truck.

From: C. Goodwin
Date: 2005-12-30 00:42:22 -0600

We bought an Advent HT2751A 2yrs ago from Best Buy and now it will only turn on, but there is no sound or picture. We have Direct TV satelite & have always had crazy problems with our universal remote with this tv. It only works from one spot in the living room. I always thought it was Direct TV, now I know it is this crappy tv. I have called the customer service center and was on hold for 12 hr with only an option of leaving a message. No one has called back & it doesn’t sound like they will or that they can help.

I think a class action suit should be filed against Advent & the companies that sell their crap.

From: Roger
Date: 2005-12-31 13:04:54 -0600

I think we should get a class action suit agaist best buy for selling this crappy brand of TV, I bought mine in November 2003, and it died on New year’s Eve 2005. “NEW YEAR’S EVE” People. I cannot believe this shit. I paid over $400 for this piece of shit.


From: Casey Wells
Date: 2006-01-15 15:04:30 -0600

I bought an Advent 27” TV in Nov. 2002. Thank god I bought the four year extended warranty. It started buzzing about 8 months ago, got that fixed. Now it is Jan 2005, and the p.o.s. won’t turn on. I will never buy cheap again. Lawsuit sounds like a plan.

Date: 2006-01-19 23:51:42 -0600


From: Jack Miller
Date: 2006-01-24 10:11:15 -0600

Follow-up to my Dec 27, 2005 post on my experience with Advent. My almost new 20 inch Advent is now sitting in front of my house awaiting the garbage collection truck. If anyone is thinking of purchasing Advent try to contact the company. You will find that the web-site (www.adventtv) has a message “under construction”. This web site has “been under construction” since I purchased the TV almost one year ago. The only phone number you will find is for the “lip service department” called Advent service.

If anyone has a M2055A Advent that is still working and needs the remote please post here, my remote still works.

From: David
Date: 2006-01-26 08:29:27 -0600

Sony tvs maded in china too.

From: Will M
Date: 2006-01-28 12:32:42 -0600

ADvent really sucks!!!!!!!One year old 32 inch tv and is not working. What the hell…lets sue this bastard…..

From: April
Date: 2006-01-30 19:20:37 -0600

Wow–it is amazing to see that I am not the only fool. My 27” advent from best buy back in 2002 is now showing a crazy blue screen that emits sounds and some outlines of forms…anyone ever have that problem? From what I have read, it looks like I am S.O.L. and need to buy a new one.

From: KDavis
Date: 2006-02-02 10:48:22 -0600

OMG. I cant believe i found this site. I am having the same problems as most of the others. I purchased the TV end of 03 and my warranty expired end of 05. Within 1 month after it expired the TV went crazy. Each time you hit the on/off switch it makes a zapping noise and you can see it lighting up in the back of the TV. I took the TV to be repaired and they have had it for 2 months now. So i finially just call Advent directly and they say that the part is on back order and should be here from overseas in 3 more weeks. are they serious?!?!? After reading this i think i am just going to say the hell with it and go and buy a a new TV!!!!

From: Advent Fool Too
Date: 2006-02-07 13:55:31 -0600

I bought a 27’ Advent TV 3-12 years ago from Best Buy. They talked me into a 3-year extended warranty because they said the flat panel TVs tend to shift once a year and need to be adjusted. I’ve been extremely lucky because I haven’t had a bit of trouble with the TV. However, the remote gave out about 6 months ago – the keys are too spongy. I bought a universal remote but the buttons are different than what they say. I just pushed them all until I figure out just what they do and forget about what the button says on it. I thought I would try to find a replacement Advent remote to make my life easier, but I see by these postings that would only complicate things. One thing I know for sure now is that when my TV goes kaput I’ll just junk it and buy a new, different brand.

From: Vince Callaghan
Date: 2006-02-10 03:25:45 -0600

Hello everyone, my name is Vince Callaghan and I am the VP of Service Operations for PWW Service. It seems as though there has been quite a bit of discussion in regards to the services provided for the Advent television products on this site. This is the first I have seen this site and I’m hoping to be able to correct what seems to be some outstanding issues.

With hundreds of thousands of units currently sold under this brand name, I am proud to confirm that for the most part there has been a very low failure percentage for these products. That being said however, I want to assure you that we take all customer complaints seriously. Our company deals with thousands of calls weekly and hundreds of service calls monthly, and while we successfully complete the majority of them there are the unfortunate instances where we do not succeed. This of course is not intentional, but as indicated in these postings these actions do have their repercussions.

To that end I’ve created an email address for your use to help in rectifying these cases that may have been regretfully unfinished or overlooked. You can send your correspondence to :

Likewise if you have any questions about the product, please feel free to ask. No product in the market will be flawless, but we will try and solve your problem as best possible.

Thanks again,

Vince Callaghan

From: Lars Eighner
Date: 2006-02-10 18:37:30 -0600

My HT2751A purchased April 5, 2005, is clearly failing in a similar way. It now (February, 2006) takes 45 minutes to warm up sufficently to produce a picture, other than squiggly lines, flashes, and pops. Prima America sucks.

There is no use looking for a corporate headquarters. There is no Advent TV company. Prima America just slaps an Advent logo on sets produced by Singapore company XOCECO. Ditto for Jensen and several other brands that sound like audio component companies that once were good.

From: Boycott
Date: 2006-02-12 03:16:17 -0600

Let us all boycott all Advent Products. Anyway, was up with Bestbuy. They always seem to pick up the phone after 30 minutes or so. One time I call to confirm if they have a product in stock and they told me yes, and when I went there a few minutes later. They told me that it was out of stock, but lucky I told them that I call in earlier so they must give it to me. Also, the Circuit City customer reviews were not that helpful. Thank you all for warning me not to buy Advent products. You all save me money and my time.

From: Vince Callaghan
Date: 2006-02-13 18:14:50 -0600

Please refer to the contact information that was set up for your concerns. If there is a legitimate problem we are more than happy to work with the end user to resolve. Lars, your unit in particular is still well within the onsite warranty provided with your purchase. Please email us with the details and we will have a service call set up for you.

Thanks again,

Vince Callaghan

From: M Hollis
Date: 2006-03-15 19:06:04 -0600

So what do you have to do to bet a damn remote for these things. I can’t find one that works anywhere> I have had no trouble with the TV, knock on wood.

From: Daisy Correa
Date: 2006-03-18 02:23:06 -0600


Seriously if anyone wants to start a petition complaint let me know, I will love to join.


From: Willis
Date: 2006-03-27 23:08:05 -0600

I think i have the longest lasting advent ever … bought a 27” flat screen in January 2003 … and its just now starting to suck … but wait, it fails after 3 years? what a piece of garbage. now my favorite thing to do at home is beat the TV with a broomstick to see if the squiggly lines / dark picture / severe pixelation changes … sometimes the picture flashes back to normal, but most of the time it just stays crappy. i will never by a cheap tv ever again. plus, how the hell am i supposed to get rid of this thing??? it weighs like a billion pounds … i dont think the garbage men would be too happy with me. Oh, and by the way, if anyone gets a magnavox dual-tuner dvr, the universal remote works with the tv just fine…

From: David
Date: 2006-04-03 21:39:49 -0500

Have the HT2751A and every other remote from every other electronic I own does something quirky to this damn TV. For example, my lite-on DVD recorder shuts the TV off, my DVD remotes enters the TV setup, my JVC remote for my AMP turns the volume up on the TV. So bad for most of my electronics with my TV on I am going to the eye of everyone of these separate components just to make them not interact with my TV. Any way to circumvent this nuisance? Frustrated!

From: Rick couture
Date: 2006-04-06 13:51:10 -0500

20” Prima TV died 3 months after warranty. junk…..

From: Diane Galey
Date: 2006-04-09 11:46:56 -0500

My 27” flat screen is still working fine, after 3 years old, bought in Canada spring 2003. Remote is still OK, code in the manual says try 001, 002, 133, 134, 142 for model Q2735A, for those of you trying other remotes. Now we bought a plasma 42”, so this one is going to pawn shop for sale, not sure what to ask for it, maybe $100???

From: Another Sucker
Date: 2006-04-12 15:47:00 -0500

I really wish I had come across this before I bought mine in august of ‘04. I had bought a 27 inch Advent Hdtv from bestbuy, The same day I had bought it it started to randomly turn off on its own. I have called best buy to come and look at it, but sure enough every time they come the TV works fine, then the second they leave it turns off on its own!!! I have been living with this for almost 2 years. It very very annoying. The 4th best buy technician just left. he didnt see anything either. If the thing had’nt cost me 500 bucks it would have beem swimming with the fishes by now. The tech guy called the advent manafacturers and they said that there are no other reported cases of the problem. BS!!! from what I am reading here, I’d say that there are plenty! They are very underhanded people. I bet that they reports all the time they just choose to ignore it. I dont know what to do, every time they come to ispect it it works fine, they cant replace/fix something, that to them, could be just a trick by my part to get a newer TV. Well I hope that the 5th times a charm.

From: Tony Moss
Date: 2006-04-16 21:30:51 -0500

I bought a Q1435A TV back in Oct. of 2004. My son was watching it today and it literally exploded before him and poured out all kinds of smoke. I am an electrician by trade, but have an electronics degree. I took the thing apart and found that a 5 cent capacitor had exploded. If I knew that value I could replace it myself. The worse part is that it continued to hiss and spark after exploding and did not blow the fuse that is suppose to protect the electronics. I finally had to unplug it before it would finally quit burning. After reading all of these posts, I think that it is time to file for a class action law suit.

From: JGriffin
Date: 2006-04-21 21:20:03 -0500

I’ve been out in the Garage bending over a pile of junk that used to be my Advent Television. Seemed fine the first year. After searching a while and finding the small buss fuse Radio Shack suggested investigating, I realized that was not the problem, so I decided to quit mooning the neighbors and try researching the Internet to determine what would cause my fairly new and expensive TV to just permanently shut off. Best Buy in this town wont even pick it up but implied I should call 800 best buy to schedule a pick up. I thought I detected a snicker from the pimpled faced kid when I was leaving the store. My advice after spending considerable time driving to stores and staring at foreign label TV innerds, Dont buy an Advent Television. They seem to be a piece of junk and Best Buy doesn’t seem to want to waste their time on one.

From: robk
Date: 2006-04-25 21:07:01 -0500

THANK YOU EVERYONE! I was considering buying a 42” plasma tv from this manufacturer. Reading all of your reviews saved me from a a serious misADVENTure!!!

From: zrdb
Date: 2006-05-07 11:08:02 -0500

I might be one of the few lucky people cause I got one of the 27” ones in Nov of 2003 at BB and I haven’t had a lick of trouble from it-nada-ziltch. But that isn’t gonna stop me from getting a new crt hd tv-it won’t say Advent on the unit, though.

From: Misty
Date: 2006-05-07 11:52:00 -0500

Well, after reading all of this, I consider myself blessed over and over again. We bought our 32” flat screen Advent from Best Buy in 2002. We have moved three times since then, and even with all that, our tv is working beatifully. Guess I should consider myself very fortunate to have had it 4 years with no problems at all, knocking on wood. However, we finally lost the remote and after searching forever for one on line, I finally gave up and ordered the Advent universal remote on e bay, brand new in package for ten bucks including shipping. Now, here is the funny part. Damn thing claims to program anything and any brand right? Well, it works great on my Mintek and Sharp DVD players, my Sony surround sound, my Emerson VCR, and my Apex tv. But ya know what? My ADVENT universal remote does not work on my freaking ADVENT tv. I bought this damn universal because I figured if it were Advent, it would surely work. Ha! Of course after reading all of this, I guess if this is all the problems I am having, I should consider myself very blessed!!! Anybody got extra remotes or know where to get a replacement for these damn 32” flat screens? FYI, the codes listed for Advent with this remote are 1005, 1062, 1219, and 1238 in case they help anyone else. Sure as heck did not help me! E mail me at if by chance you have any info on the remote situation. Thanks all, and after this reading of posts, I will never by another Advent, and probably will no longer shop at Best Buy! Best of luck to you all!

From: Linda
Date: 2006-05-16 14:11:09 -0500

I bought a 14” flat screen Advent with an internal DVD player, brought the TV home, popped in a DVD, and 45 minutes later the power cut out and wouldn’t come back. The DVD was stuck inside. I returned it to Circuit City no problem, and they got the DVD out. But, call me a fool, I exchanged it for Advent model Q1435A, which hasn’t blown up yet, but I just turned it on yesterday, with my newly installed digital cable, and the sound sucks – it has a constant accompanying background static. Will most likely return this one and buy a different manufacturer after reading these reviews!!

From: Irene
Date: 2006-05-18 18:31:21 -0500

My 32” flat screen Best Buy ADVENT has lasted me 4 years, also. I don’t love it. I have to turn it blasting loud to hear it at all and even louder to hear my dvds. We lost the remote, but the RCA universal works fine except for one thing: SAP. I cannot watch all the cable channels on it because it is stuck in SAP with no way to get it off. I almost wish it would die on me so I can force myself to get a newer and lighter set. DIE ZOMBIE DIE

From: jeff
Date: 2006-05-20 20:23:57 -0500

Just got home, guess what a 1 and a half year old advent 32” TV won’t turn on. It did earlier today. Guess I get to buy a new one also. How can company’s like this be in existance. Any lawyer on here to get something started. This is essentially the same thing a robbery.

From: rebecca cyphert
Date: 2006-05-28 19:21:35 -0500

i have 2 20in lcd flat panals bought at brandsmart they work great! so far i have the pww warranty good move from what i have read on this site any one having any luck pww before i buy another warranty

  the kman<br />

From: Cheap TV
Date: 2006-05-29 16:39:17 -0500

Real piece of crap! Mine will not power on as described in previous posts. Guess I will have to buy a better TV from another company. Thanks for stealing my money ADVENT!

From: Jerry Colegrove
Date: 2006-06-10 15:44:32 -0500

I bought an advent 27” flat screen model # Q2735A 3 years ago and now it turns it’s self off in about 10 min. then in order to turn it on we have to unplug it and plug it back in and then it will turn it’s self back off and I to bought it at best buy I will never buy ADVENT again!!!

From: Art
Date: 2006-06-14 01:58:15 -0500

Does anyone know where I can find the service manual to an Advent HT2751A?

From: JC
Date: 2006-06-23 20:27:14 -0500


One used to be able to download (PDF Format)the user manuals from the Advent Website. They still offer this advice on their FAQ. I looked tonight, but I could not find the manuals link.


From: jeff
Date: 2006-06-28 09:23:11 -0500

this 27” Advent POS lost it’s color at 87 days and best buy tells me too bad. I think i’m going to go kick the manager’s ass. Bye for now.

From: MK
Date: 2006-06-28 19:56:27 -0500

I’m technician got 2 prima tv and 1advent. these tvs got same

eeprom problem and I do not have

customer support!

From: MK
Date: 2006-06-28 19:57:22 -0500

I’m technician got 2 prima tv and 1advent. these tvs got same

eeprom problem and I do not have

customer support!

From: Philip
Date: 2006-07-01 19:02:12 -0500

Yep, I got a 20” Advent LCD for christmas 2005 and just last night (July 1st 2006) The image suddenly contorts itself beyond recognition and nothing i do seems to help. I googled “Advent TV” and found the first entry to be their official website which is conviently “under construction”. The second entry was this list of 100 people who all have crappy Advent TVs. I also wish i would have seen this forum before my parents droped $300+ on a tv that will only last 6 months. DO Not Under Any Circumstances Buy A Advent Television

From: Troy Cunha
Date: 2006-07-05 04:25:29 -0500

I bought an advent at BEST BUY and it’s stuck on stand bye and there is nothing I can do. Any one know any thing about this happening and any LAW SUIT I definateley want to be a part of.

From: danno
Date: 2006-07-10 12:05:06 -0500

wow. my dad has one in his room, flat screen probably 27 inches or so. he’s had it about three months and nothing bad has happened yet, but i cant get any damn universal remote to program with it. it seems like an okay tv, even if it is a no name brand, but now im worried it’ll break down.

guess only time iwll tell.

From: Joel R.
Date: 2006-07-10 20:25:41 -0500

I, too, have an Advent 27” Hi-Definition Radio! Good sound, no picture, no volume or channel controls! And, yes, it lasted 14 months like everyone else’s: I wonder if they are programmed for this, somehow? I wish Best Buy had told me about the Zombie ownership and reliability problems of Advent! I’ve purchased an entire HOUSE full of electronics over the last 1-12 year (can you say house fire?), but I may not ever buy anything from there, if they don’t make this right!

From: Eric von Ripp
Date: 2006-07-11 10:46:15 -0500

I bought an ADVENT Q3235A (32” flat screen) nearly 4 years ago. The picture is great, the sound is good, and I never had any problems with it (except when I moved; the TV weighs around 300 lbs).

I had no problems at all until a few days ago, that is. Now, after watching TV for an hour or so, I get a black rectangle over the bottom half of the screen. Right now, at the top of the rectangle, is some text:

=IAK%I<br />

I have no iea what it means, but that’s what it says. Maybe I have a screwed up CC chip or something.

I can make the rectangle disappear by cycling through the inputs (CATV, VID 1, VID 2, DVD) or turning the TV off and back on.

All in all, the TV has been awesome. For the low price I paid, I have been happy with it. Of course, if it dies, I’ll be miffed, but it has served me well, and everyone who sees it loves it. I guess I got lucky.

From: David
Date: 2006-07-15 11:17:17 -0500

(Remove .att. preceding ‘at’ sign to email me.)

Joel, I have an idea for you to try.

I have an Advent TV also and experienced a similar symptom. My TV has ‘Closed Caption’ (CC) capability which was originally configured as ‘OFF’. But after my local cable TV company did some upgrades, it started to show a black rectangle (sometimes with other garbage letters) like you described.

I was able to rectify the problem by reconfiguring the CC setting to ‘C4’ … hope that works for you. BTW, possible values on my TV are: OFF, C1, C2, C3, C4, T1, T2, T3, T4 (no idea what these codes mean).

I’m guessing you didn’t have this issue before because your new neighbourhood is serviced by a more ‘advanced’ cable TV service than your old one.



From: Rich
Date: 2006-07-17 12:39:11 -0500

I bought a 20 inch Advent flat screen in 2002 from Best Buy and after reading all the horror stories I feel kinda lucky. I didn’t start having problems with my TV until about a month ago and it was a great TV till then. All of the sudden I can only get 2 channels UPN and MSNBC. For example channel 2 is UPN, channel 3 is UPN all the way up to channel 14 then all I get is MSNBC from channels 14-70.I though this might be a cable problem but the other TVs in the house work fine and I have even tried connecting the Advent to other cable outlets with the same effect only getting the channels UPN and MSNBC. Anyone else have this problem? I think I am going to trash the damn TV and buy another better quality tv and NOT ADVENT EVER AGAIN after all these horror stories. If I have to watch another episode of Girlfriends or Tyra Banks on UPN I’m going to kill myself.

From: matt o
Date: 2006-07-21 16:39:20 -0500

I bought the 27 inch advent flat screen maybe 2 years ago and ever since i got it, it changes channels 1-7 by its self. on and off, and the valume goes up and down. it is the biggest POS i have ever bought. everyone should take thier POS TV and throw it threw Best Buy’s window. :)

From: Ellis
Date: 2006-07-22 02:36:54 -0500

Well, here I am in the same boat. My 27 inch advent is just around 14 months old (I have a JVC still going after 16 years). To get the TV to turn on you have to turn it on around 3 times. The pink specks mentioned in a previous posting shows up at first then fades when the picture returns. It is just a matter of time before it dies. Inexpensive was my downfall. Class action suit sounds like the way to go. I’m waiting for an opportunity. Best Buy should be refered to as Worst Buy when speaking of TVs. HELP!!!!

From: Edgar
Date: 2006-07-25 12:11:57 -0500

My 36” tv i bought 2 years ago went out…shuts off after 2 minutes…i guess that’s what i get for buying cheap shit…STAY AWAY FROM ADVENT

From: LMorgan
Date: 2006-07-26 10:14:06 -0500

My Q1435A just died (no power to it) less than 6 months after I purchased it at Circuit City. I see Circuit City no longer carries ADVENT TVs and now I know why!

After reading all these postings, I’m not sure if it is even worth my time calling PWW Service.

I had a problem years ago with a JVC. Couldn’t get parts and waited over a year before finally trashing the thing. I never bought another JVC product.

However, I have an RCA that is almost 20 years old.

Buyers Beware!!

From: Ed
Date: 2006-08-01 01:19:30 -0500

I have a good idea of what everyone can do with these crappy broken TV’s.Instead of throwing them out take them to UPS,FED-EX or the post office and ship them COD back to Advent with your local Best Buy as the return address.It cost nothing and when Advent finally gets wise and starts refusing delivery of all this junk we are shipping them then the crap will be returned to the local Best Buy.Much more fun than throwing them out!

From: D just
Date: 2006-08-17 03:06:19 -0500

I got my 30” HT3251A advent tv in 905 with a service contract from circuit city. It is now dead in july06. The same problem as most it refuses to power on at all. I don’t think I am going to be happy

From: Ripped Off
Date: 2006-08-21 19:41:46 -0500

I bought a 32” Advent, and it only lasted 112 years. I was watching it one late nite and it started flickering, at first I thought it was just interferance. But then extremely loud cracking noises started and the screen went to lighning streaks going through it. Scared my dog so bad, he ran out of the room. Husband never heard a thing (of course) so I woke him up and turned it back on so he could see it. It was like it was posessed. If anyone wants to file a class-action suit, please e-mail me. I’m interested!

“tired of getting ripped off”

From: jeff
Date: 2006-09-18 22:53:03 -0500

hey guys, i work at a best buy in toronto, ontario, canada, and actually purchased the advent HT3061A a few months ago. everyone on here seems to either have a high-def 27’ or 32’…mine (30’) must be a newer model. Anyway, you guys are all right, advent (prima) makes terrible, terrible televisions, and should not even be sold in stores to begin with. i find today that my newly purchased xbox360 actually looks pretty good (in terms of resoltuion) on the tv, but that the image is actually too large for the tv (i lose about 2 cm of game screen all the way around, which is important for video games). my question is, does anyone know how to get into the service menu, so i can adjust the height and width, etc. of the picture? thanks in advance,


From: J. Nutt
Date: 2006-09-20 21:00:18 -0500

What the hell!! My Advent Q2735a is two years old and is driving me crazy like a 2yr old child! It randomly switches colors from blue to green to bright yellow. STAY AWAY FROM ADVENT!!!

From: Merl
Date: 2006-09-22 23:55:41 -0500

I have had an advent 32” going on 3 years now with no major problems. I had one speaker go out but, service for it took only a day or so. I never trust any electronics now a days so I bought the extended 5 year warranty. I figure you always get what you pay for and all you angry people must agree the brand is ‘cheap’ I mean affordable.

From: Pete Casey
Date: 2006-09-30 13:28:01 -0500

I bought a Q3235A in January 2003. In February 2004 it died (screen went black and no power). Best Buy found me an outfit (near Boston) who picked up the TV and repaired it. When I got it back they had replaced 2 transistors (V405 & V403)and a bad video amplifier. It is now Septeber 2006, and the TV died again. Same symptoms … I found the repair receipt and called the outfit in Boston (3 days ago)and left a message stating the problem. I have not heard from them yet … . .

From: cob
Date: 2006-10-01 08:55:31 -0500

Looks like I’m another victim of the Advent 27” curse. The set worked fine last night, but today no sound/no picture. Unlike some other reports above, we have been very happy with the set until today. But death after 22 months is pathetic. We’re through with Advents, but AMEX warranty extension may save us the cost of the set.

From: Fred Prewitt
Date: 2006-10-18 12:29:48 -0500

My Advent Color Televison Receiver, Model HT2751A, 27 inch, manufactured in Aug 2004, just went on the blink. It was a slow dying process. At first, you needed to turn the TV on and off until the picture came on and stabilized. Then it came to the point where I had to leave the TV on all the time because we didn’t know if we would get the picture back. Now it just doesn’t work. My fault in not reserching the TV before buying. I was attracted by the price $350.00, HD, and my experience with other TVs from the past (they are still working up to 16 years later!). Now the attempt to get it fixed. I think I’m just out the money. Best Buy should be held accountable to some degree. I don’t have the money to replace it now and just burned up with being ripped off. Let’s have a lynching …

From: Jean
Date: 2006-10-24 16:46:45 -0500

Well, I too bought the 27” HT2751A in Jan. 2004. Last night while watching I heard a tapping noise, then turned it all the way down to see if it went away, then turned it up again and the sound was gone. I sort of didn’t pay attention to it again, and then this morning when I tried to turn it on, it did nothing. But still I heard a faint clicking sound as long as it was plugged in but it would not turn on or off, nothing at all! When my husband got home we pulled it out and cleaned all the dust, and tightened everything and WHAT! It came on, after reading all these horror stories I was sure that I was in for trouble and a big expense and I already have a headache from it all! I’m so happy it is working again. I’m sorry for all of you who weren’t so lucky!

From: Daryl
Date: 2006-10-25 12:36:24 -0500

My mother’s Advent HT3251A just went out after hissing for a month. She had the television for three years. The television cost 699.99 a lot of money for a 65 year old. I left 3 voicemail messages and two emails just to get an authorized TV repair shop. They never responded. I was told by Sweeney electronics (an honorable repairman)that the best way to go would be to go to an authorized repair shop. He would not take the TV because he did not know if he would be able to get the parts. He could have made a quick $50.00 but he chose not to. I’M ALL IN FOR CLASS ACTION!!!!!! DON’T BUY ADVENT OR PRIMA.

Best Buy should stop selling their products. I was told by a manager of Best Buy that Advent’s TV are basically sold by consignment. Once they sell them they keep their profit and send the differnce to Advent/Prima.

From: Jeff
Date: 2006-11-07 19:55:25 -0600

My Advent HT2751A 27” just went down today… Ive had for about 1 yr and 2months… its just a black screen but there is sound and i can get the menu to display… I dont know if i should even attempt to get this fixed… I dont have much for money right now and I dont wanna go through the pain of fixing it :(

From: Tim D
Date: 2006-11-08 22:54:27 -0600

OMG Listen to this story…

My wife and I bought the 27” HD Advent POS at Best Buy in September 2003 for $500 US. On the very first day (after lugging the POS home etc.) we turned on the Fuc*ng POS and it didn’t even work!

So, we returned it and got another one, lugged it home, turned it on and it worked! … for a month until one day the screen turned all white, the f’n thing then turned into a little dot and BOOM, dead.

We called Best Buy, they told us to call Advent. After two months of being put on hold forever, hung up on by customer service and rude comments by the bastards, we emailled the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and filed a complaint.

Wouldn’t ya know it, a week later Advent and Best Buy were kissing our asses and we got another f’n POS 27” Advent, this time an ‘out of box’ at $350, saving us $150 and ‘extending our warranty’ by a few extra months LOL.

… fast forward to October 2006, our beloved POS is once again acting up. This time, the screen turns black but the sound works. Great, a $350 radio! This only seems to happen when component video is selected, no matter if the input is on or off.

This automatic ‘screen-saver’ feature also only happens after the POS has been on for an hour or more, leading me to believe that some chip/chipset is overheating.

Great, now I have to put a fan or a friggin air conditioner inside the POS to keep it running until it probably blows up.

Yeah, a heat sink might work, but WTF!

We’re filing another complaint with the BBB just to stick it to Advent. We’re hoping they are forced to buy everybody on this website a new Sony 1080p LCD.



From: David
Date: 2006-11-11 06:41:05 -0600

Well looks like I’ll be joining the long list of horrible experiences. I own the 27” HT2751A as well and now it no longer works. I’ll admit that it had been a long while since I had used it since I was keeping it downstairs in the basement, it’s finished and kept in an area where no damage would occur, but decided to bring it upstairs recently. It worked perfectly last time I had used it and yet now when I plug it in, the tv just makes a weird on and off popping sound and the tv/av light blinks. Nothing else happens. I called the customer service line and left a voicemail since they were closed at the time and I also sent an email. That was over a week ago and I have yet to hear from them. It seems that based on all these stories I probably won’t hear from them or if I do I probably won’t get the parts I will need for the repairs.

One thing I noticed, Best Buy, at least the ones in my area, and the online store no longer sell Advent televisions. I’m wondering if that might be due to the fact that there seems to be a lot of problems with the sets, particularly after the warranty time ends.

From: Chuck
Date: 2006-11-11 19:28:48 -0600

I havent really had any problems with my TV. THe only problem is other IR signals interfere with the TV. I got a new surround sound and I cannot get the buttons to work correctly. Can anyone help?

From: Eddie
Date: 2006-11-11 20:35:17 -0600

Advent got me too…I also had the 27 inch flat screen that decided to become a radio after 14 months….Lawsuit sounds good and it seems like we have plenty of people with the same horror story. I think I might just take the tv back to best buy and just leave it in front of the entrance. Maybe we should all just pick a day and time and do the same thing all across the country at different best buys. That would be a great national news story with plenty of bad publicity for advent and best buy….Who’s coming with me?

From: taylor
Date: 2006-11-12 14:00:20 -0600

You people that are talking about suing bestbuy are idiots and understand nothing about common sense or the law. Just becuase you buy a tv from bestbuy doesnt mean bestbuy is responsible for fixing the peice of shit you were stupid enough to buy. If you buy the service plan, then they will stand by the product and fix it. If you do not choose to insure your p.o.s by buying the service plan, then its advents responsibility to fix your problem. Not only is bestbuy not at fault, do you really think you can afford better lawyers then a multi billion dollar a year buisness? jesus christ. I would invite all of you to sue bestbuy (mainly becuase your ego is hurt for buying such a pos tv) and see what happens. You’ll end up loosing, and getting a million dollar countersuit and your ego will hurt even more then the shame of buying such a piece of shit tv. Buy a samsung or sony tv, even if you have to save up your ground round tip money for a few weeks.

From: Jean
Date: 2006-11-19 00:36:25 -0600

Update from Oct. 24th. It worked about 2 more weeks, then last week it went out for good. Just like a previous poster it just makes a clicking sound when I plug it in and the LED light blinks. What a crappy day!!

From: Trash
Date: 2006-11-26 11:13:16 -0600

I just bought my Advent 15” LCD from Best Buy the day after November for $129.00. It starting buzzing right out of the box. Taking it back and never buying one again. Oh yeah, don’t buy a TruTech LCD either, they are also a POJ.

From: Keesee
Date: 2006-12-04 19:17:17 -0600

Thanks Guys. I brought my Advent 32” HDTV in Feb. 06, I only have problems if my power goes off and the Tv is on. Once the power comes back on the TV will not, it will only make clicking nosies. I have to unplug it and plug it back in before it will power up. I brought the extra warranty but Advent would not respond to curcuit city therefore I’m getting a new different Tv.

From: mechele
Date: 2006-12-07 12:26:22 -0600

UNBELIEVABLE. I purchased a 42 inch Advent and had it a year and all of a sudden it made this high pitch noise and then the picture went to lines and blue screen. I turned if off and the noise got worst and the tv started smelling of burning wire. I unplugged all the other components I had and just made sure that it was just the TV. It got EVEN WORSE. MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN.NEVER again……NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!

From: Matt
Date: 2006-12-12 11:54:11 -0600

December 11,2006 Advent 27” TV purchased in Fall of 2002 dies of a painful sizzling blue electric shock/snapping death. Like many of you I have learned that Best Buy and Advent teamed-up to sell crap that was never to extend beyond the implied warranty all for money to the bottom line. A friend of mine and I have always stated that Best Buy sells crap that can’t be found in quality shops. I’ve learned my lesson and Best Buy is on my “Not” list. Lawsuit anyone?


Matt in Ann Arbor

From: Matt in Ann Arbor
Date: 2006-12-13 11:42:08 -0600

Update 12/12/06 post.

TV is working again. Symptoms included blue light/snapping shocks when powered-up coming from inside the back of the TV cover. The picture tube would try to start, but after the shocks it just appeared to shut-down. Problem is a crack in the ceramic/plastic power device that looks like a transformer supplying power to the CRT. The crack in the transformer housing is leaking power to the nearest ground. It was hitting the power cord, some other wires, and a metal piece of the frame. My solution is to use electrical tape, a lot of it, over the crack. This is allowing me to watch TV again, and it is only a band-aid approach. I really don’t expect the fix to last as I can hear a static discharge from the area, but it may hold-up.

If you do work on your own TV, please be careful to remove power and avoid contact with the unit while powered.

From: Roger
Date: 2006-12-21 15:06:50 -0600

magnavox tv problem model-ms3252s431 - i am working on a tv push power button on will not stay on. put a new flyback in and same thing. need help with tv. roger

From: Ryan G. In Orlando FL
Date: 2006-12-23 09:03:43 -0600

I got the 27 inch flat screen tv, now every time I swithc over to the HD components it jst goes black and all you hear is the sound no image whatsoever. What A POS!

From: Randy H in San Antonio TX
Date: 2006-12-28 09:57:54 -0600

I guess I’m lucky that mine lasted this long; almost 2 years. I thought I could find some repair or problem hints online and found this site. My set is in control of the ‘outer limits’. No picture just a narrow set of horizontal lines. A lot of us suckered in for the ‘best buy deal of the century’.

From: Dave in Madison WI
Date: 2006-12-29 13:45:17 -0600

Another Advent horror story. Bought our 27” HD set in December 03 at Best Buy. Died Sept 06. Screen turned white as the smell of burning/overheated electronics filled the room. The entire main board is fried and surprise surprise the Advent certified repair shop can’t get the parts. In fact, Advent claims they don’t even make the part anymore, much less have it in stock. And it has taken me three months just to get this much information. The Advent service department is basically non existent and NEVER respond to letters, phone messages, or e-mail. After reading the previous postings I think i can safely assume my TV is history. Lessons learned:

  1. check out products before buying (yes, I am one of those who have had spectacular Advent speakers for 30 years and foolishly thought the committment to quality would be extended to their TV division)

  2. hold your nose and buy the extended warranty for any TV you buy. Consider me another angry customer $500 wiser.

From: Mickee in Michigan
Date: 2007-01-05 16:37:14 -0600

Thank you oh so much for the reviews. I now know not to buy an Advent nor a Trutech TV. So glad I found your site.

Thanks again.

From: Stephen in Boston
Date: 2007-01-09 14:41:12 -0600

I bought the 27” advent flat-front SDTV from Best Buy in early 2003. The TV has been used at our vacation home in NH since then, so has only had occassional use. I’ve heard static in the past, but now it is offically dead - like Matt in Ann Arbor, it died the shock death… upon plugging it in and pressing power, a VERY LOUD shock noise comes from the back of the TV (sounds like that horrible noise the Emergency Broadcast System airs periodically).

No smoke or smell though. We might try Matt’s e-tape trick, but in the end I guess this one’s set for the landfill. Damn…

From: Fedup with the runaround
Date: 2007-01-15 11:42:25 -0600

I got a Prima 27” CRT HDTV in summer 2005 and had a lot of noises like marbles hitting glass–or sparks–can’t tell the difference, and many times, it wouldn’t turn on the first time, and I had to keep pumping the remote 7-8 times until it did. Finally it died in fall 2006. I had called the warranty service place several times before it died–and waited on hold for 20 minutes before being told that they had too many people calling and couldn’t handle the traffic and telling me I had to call another time. (No big deal, I have all the time in the world, right?) When I FINALLY got through and got a human being, they insisted on fixing the TV, and gave me the name of a local repair contractor–who never showed up–so now I have to waste more time to resolve the issue. I’ve already spent the equivalent of a week’s time in hours (because of the ridiculous wait times that unfortunately have become accepted as the customer service standard) to resolve the issue. I am asking for my money back.

From: Chris
Date: 2007-01-15 15:46:06 -0600

OK! Everyone here keeps talking about a lawsuit against Advent, but no one seems to get it going. What’s involved to get this thing on track? Anyone an attorney of all the posters above? HUH?

Please, enlighten me because my HT2751A has been sitting under my kitchen table since Aug. of 2006. I have yet to see an army of organized and disappointed (perhaps adamant, disgruntled, for a lack of a better term) Advent consumers. Let’s get the ball o’wax rollin’, ey?

From: ffej nwodog
Date: 2007-01-22 07:38:18 -0600

we got ht3061a no trouble yet. 2 years of 24 hr. use’no shit. quality as good as sony. i no; i had 1 also im a real tv tec’ well thats what da paper says. if advent sucks da bigin im fucked too. god bless the lil children.

From: ffej nwodog
Date: 2007-01-22 07:54:35 -0600

we got ht3061a no trouble yet. 2 years of 24 hr. use’no shit. quality as good as sony. i no; i had 1 also im a real tv tec’ well thats what da paper says. if advent sucks da bigin im fucked too. god bless the lil children.

From: Pete
Date: 2007-01-22 20:54:29 -0600

My 23 month old HT2751A is dying a slow painful death. I thought it was a problem with my switching from Dish network to my local cable provider. It takes 15 minutes to warm up and I get a crappy picture that goes dark every couple of minutes. I called Advent Customer care and was told to try to unplug everything from the back of the TV and then unplug the unit for 30 minutes. This he said would hopefully reset the factory settings. No go. They gave me a name of a repair shop. Don’t know if it’s worth the trouble.

From: Brandon
Date: 2007-02-09 08:16:41 -0600

Wish I would have seen this page 3 months ago. I bought a tru tech TV from target and after geting past the 90 day retrn policy by 2 weeks the tv died. It gets power as i see by looking at the sensor light, but when you acctually turn it on it’s no sound or picture. I thought better when i made the purchase, but I figured to give it a try. I called Target and told them that they and trutech are the same and they should be able to take i tback….what’s worse is I used a target account to buy it and i have to still pay it though it no longer works. I should write target and trutech to let them know what a P.O.S this product is and that they ned to do something to fix the situation because I will not pay them for this crap.

From: BullTaco
Date: 2007-02-13 07:47:20 -0600

Well Well…….seems I have a POS like the rest of you all…although my Advent..model # whatever….it was a 30” WS flat CRT bought from K-mart about 22 months ago… just decided to “max” the volume up and cant change anything…no changing channels….no powering off….all you can do is unplug the thing….I am thinking about suing them for the damage to my 5 year olds hearing that it may have caused. What a crock of crap this company is…I think I bought the extended warranty from K-mart actually….but I will most likely never get anything from there either…anyway I felt your alls pain and wanted to share mine.

From: KC
Date: 2007-02-19 08:17:50 -0600

ME TOO. Arcing and loud static from back of TV where power enters. Found and replaced the Flyback for $15, now comes on, but no picture or sound, Thought I’d try it before I put it in a box and smash it to death. It was the 43” HDTV set.

From: kc
Date: 2007-02-19 08:20:50 -0600

By the way, I’d need 2 guys and a truck to haul the thing in for service even if I thought they could fix it. It’s got to weigh 300 pounds

From: RG
Date: 2007-02-27 20:00:04 -0600

I’ve got to stop reading these, the tears of laughter streaming down my cheeks might drip onto another of my Best Buy purchases. The fact that I’m not alone in my foolish expectation of quality soothes the pain somewhat. Mine took the snapping/black screen/no power up path to death. I think I might have to burn the house down though, because I can’t lift the thing. My other alternative is to turn it into a permanent piece of furniture. I’m sure Best Buy has a Blue ray player for about a grand that I can use as a table top in about 12 months or so when it also takes a dump.

From: the enlightened one
Date: 2007-03-04 16:03:00 -0600

your all dumb as fuck. learn to read and dont buy blindly. jesus christ, did you really think a advent tv was good?

From: Todd
Date: 2007-03-24 08:32:16 -0500

Well i have just joined the masses. My Advent TS2766A went to a blue screen with a locked padlock symbol in the upper left corner. there were no signs of any problems and yes like everyone else the set is almost a year old. never again

From: Marlene
Date: 2007-03-30 07:09:52 -0500

Soon After I purchased my Advent 14 incher, w/DVD player I found out that the DVD Player skips/I purchased it from Best Buy and it as only $60.00 - Now I know why it was sho cheap. I called the 800 number for Advent and left messages and never received a reply /Now they have the nerve to be in the flat screen Business - I would never purchase any product of theirs even if it was for a penny. That was my 1st and last time buying any Advent product as well.

From: John, jacksonville fl
Date: 2007-04-12 22:36:46 -0500

After three years our HT2751a started this ungodly static popping noise and went black. What the hell? Advent needs to pay for screwing us. I have a repair guy coming out tomorrow. Part of me does not want to spend any money on this worthless piece of crap. Where is this lawsuit? Sign me up.

From: Vinny
Date: 2007-04-13 15:28:01 -0500

I bought my Advent 27” flatscreen HDTV after looking around, researching online. Even after hearing the horror stories, I couldn’t pass up the price, it was mismarked as a CRT, standard-def, got it for like $250 less than it should’ve been! Anyway, this was Fall of ‘06. Of course, after reading bad reviews online, I forked over the extra 100 bux for the extended warranty. Good thing, since last week it stopped turning on altogether! Until then it had been functioning perfectly, couldn’t have asked for a nicer TV. I was just thinking I was in the clear too! It took about a week of calling back and forth to PWW, and to their credit, they did recognize my warranty and authorized my TV for repair at a local place. I dropped it off to get it estimated, and talked to the shop guys, they said to expect it back in about a month. Here’s hoping it’ll come back from the dead!

From: Mister D
Date: 2007-04-16 23:58:14 -0500

My Advent Q2035A crashed this weekend with the same black screen of death others have talked about. Plugging it in powers up the unit but no controls will work.

We just upgraded our cable to digital and I had reprogrammed the universal cable remote to work my TV when it died. This fact or the digital itself may have been what killed the TV as these events happened within 24 hours.

I seemed to have had better luck than others. Not sure how old the unit was but I got at least 3-4 years out of it. That’s really all I needed. I just wanted something cheap at the time ($150) to bridge the gap until the flat panel LCDs came down price.

Can’t wait for my new flat panel but I have to say I was really happy with the Advent’s picture quality for the price. With only $150 invested, I’ll just throw it away and won’t even consider trying to repair it.

Date: 2007-04-20 00:08:27 -0500

I was very happy with my advent 15” LCD that i just won in a drawing. I went to BestBuy site to find the value and found no listing for ADVENT T.V.s. I guess B/Buy quit selling them. After reading all these comments, I guess I didnt win nothin but Chinese Trash. “BUMMER” does anybody have anything good to say about them?

From: KH
Date: 2007-04-26 17:28:33 -0500

Well, after about four or five years of minimal usage, my Advent Q2035A broke. I’m having the same problem as described by many others - where the TV powers on immediately upon plugging it in, but touching any other button makes it turn off. After reading your posts, I don’t think I’ll bother repairing it! Thanks for the input.

I do still have the remote, though, and as far as I know, it still works just fine. I remember that the code was “002” for my TV, anyway. If anyone is in need of a remote, I’ll be willing to send mine to you if you just pay $5 plus shipping. Post here if you are interested! I would be happy if someone else could just make some use of it!

From: len
Date: 2007-04-29 03:43:02 -0500

Same for me. But while I’m trying to figure out which TV to buy at Costco, I start my Walmart Digistar (Prima/Advent) TV with a hair dryer. Yes, just warm up the PCB and the caps finally start firing enough to get a picture. Where have I heard this story before. Crappy large appliance built around crappy components and getting ready for the landfill. Wasn’t there a pile of motherboards built with fizzling capacitors a few years back? Is the same factory now dinging me on the big screen?

From: ppr78
Date: 2007-05-12 11:52:10 -0500

Same here. 27” flat screen purchased 2 years ago. picture died but still can hear the sound. so currently using as audio TV :-). Customer support sucks as been kept on hold for last 15 mins and still holding. can somebody assist in which brand to purchase which will go on for atleast 4-5 years?

From: bj
Date: 2007-06-08 07:55:08 -0500

Same problem with my 27” Advent TV…pucture has died out and wont come back..can only hear also the menu comes in Japaneses/Chinese.


i was in India last 23 years..i had a TV called videocon…small company…used for 20 years..not a single problem

Posted by bj at June 8, 2007 07:53 AM

From: nancy Upshaw
Date: 2007-07-10 10:10:41 -0500

I just seen where someone else had the problem of the screen going blue and the padlock up in the left hand corner appeared and none of the buttons will work. I have the same problem were you able to get the problem fixed. I was told the the parent lock was on and needed the code to unlock it but cant seem to get anyone to anwser the phone at the company or return my calls.

From: RSmith
Date: 2007-07-26 21:44:23 -0500

My 32” Advent developed a cracked arcing flyback also which I repaired with plastic cement and electrical tape. However it seems I lost vertical deflection when the arcing happened so that I just get a bright horizontal line. Oh well, I got 4+ years following a Best Buy day after Thanksgiving sale. It doesn’t really owe me a thing. Time to go HDTV anyway…

From: MikeD
Date: 2007-07-31 22:55:47 -0500

My 2735A was running fine, then it made a loud pop and turned off. Any ideas what my have gone wrong? I guess I am luckier than most with Advent tv’s, but this still hurts because it is less than 2 months out of the extended warranty.

From: Dave
Date: 2007-08-04 12:18:48 -0500

I’ve had an Advent 27” HD that’s been in the repair shop for 6 months waiting on parts. The picture went black, the power light turned a different color than normal and wouldn’t turn back on. The repair guy told me he couldn’t get parts… I thought he was just blowing me off. But I guess he’s been telling me the truth. I don’t even know if I’ll bother to go back in to get it. It was a nice TV until it died. Time to buy an LCD I guess.

From: Luis
Date: 2007-08-05 12:01:56 -0500

Bought my HT2778A back in March 06 to replace a 36” Sony Trinatron that just wouldn’t come on one day. A nice, cheap floor model. The sound quality to say the least, sucks. Picture quality is awesome with an HD signal. With a $40 surround system, I used it as my daily driver until 2 days ago when I replaced it with a 37” LCD. I’ve seen some of the CRT issues along the way, but the set always recovered it self. Overall I got my money’s worth. The set was built in 05 so its past its scheduled expiration date and still works fine. I’ll consider myself lucky.

From: Nick Lobster
Date: 2007-08-10 08:46:19 -0500

I bought an Advent HD TV at Best Buy…two weeks later read a report in Consumer Reports that Advent tv sucked…same old story 13 months later the screen went blue..ordered parts from Vancouver..six months ago..still not fixed. There has to be something we can do. I will not buy anything from Best Buy..and am writing a letter as we speak to them. Lets all do it.

From: Dan B.
Date: 2007-08-12 20:28:59 -0500

This is comical. I bought a 27” HD Advent around Dec. 2004. Once again 18 months later I had the same problem. Fortunately I bought the extended warranty from Best Buy and it didn’t cost me anything except 4 months of watching the 19” that I brought out from the bedroom. Just last week the tube began popping and snapping. The picture and sound was gone and the tube was flashing with each snap. I don’t know if it was electrical or in the tube. It sounded like it was either going to explode or start an electrical fire. Scared the crap out of me. After reading this it sounds like my best option is to trash the piece of crap and get a good brand name television. If a class action lawsuit arises from this I’m on board. ADVENT SUCKS!!!!

From: Vinny
Date: 2007-08-24 12:47:31 -0500

This is a continuation of my post from April 13, 2007. Unbelievably, the TV is still in the shop, waiting to be fixed!! I’ve called PWW numerous times, I bug the tv repair company with a call every week, has been over 4 MONTHS since the TV has been busted. The repair shop says there’s nothing they can do until they receive the part from the warehouse, so I call PWW, and they keep telling me it’s on it’s way…for the past month! This is ridiculous. At least it’s warrantied so I’m not paying for the parts/labor, but still! Well, time for me to make another call to the repair shop and PWW Service, wish me luck, I’m gonna need it…

From: Henry Igbokhai
Date: 2007-10-02 12:10:57 -0500

Thank God mine lasted for 4 years b4 it gave up the ghost.I bought it in 2003.I woke up one morning in oct.2007 to find it making a faint pounding sound and the power just wouldn’t come on.I was going to get it repaired,but after reading you guys’ horror stories I think I’ll save myself the headache.Thanks guys.P.S Stay away from Best Buy.

From: Kathy Franklin
Date: 2007-10-07 02:18:33 -0500

We had the blue screen with the lock also, thanks to our 4 year old son. If you hold the display button down it should come back. Oh yes, they got our money too. Good Luck. TS2766A

From: greg
Date: 2007-10-22 17:05:03 -0500

i think im going to to give mine back after they close tonight

From: Robert
Date: 2007-10-23 21:21:10 -0500

i actually have a good story..I won mine 32” at a company christmas party back in 2002 and it still works!!!.lucky me…i guess

From: Don
Date: 2007-11-07 20:32:52 -0600

My HT2751A lasted 3 12 years before dying about 3 weeks ago. It was making the pounding sound also. It’s now a 103lb. doorstop, and I’m not going to bother trying to get it fixed.

From: Gregg
Date: 2007-12-02 22:21:57 -0600

I bought my HT2751A in June 2005 from Best Buy. It always had a buzzing sound that was very annoying. Just blew out tonight - loud pop and now won’t turn back on. From what I’ve read above I guess I should be thankful for the 29 months it lasted.

From: Nancy
Date: 2007-12-12 12:22:24 -0600

Don’t purchase an Advent TV! We bought ours in August of 2007 and was picked up for warranty repairs (a vertical line appeared on the screen) on October 24th. We haven’t seen the TV since. After a month it was determined that it couldn’t be repaired and the TV would be replaced. The only reason we got that far was because we kept calling the Advent Customer Service for the local repair shop. Their certified service people can’t get answers from them either. As of today the customer service rep. tells me the paperwork is sitting on the service manager’s desk waiting for his approval to replace our television which we don’t even want anymore.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

From: Doug S.
Date: 2007-12-25 22:46:19 -0600

My wife and I were really happy with the Advent TV, the most we had happen was apparently our on/off button did not work after a few years. We decided that the remote was still working so no problem. We did lose a remote sometime along the way and Advent quickly sent us a good one. Sounds like we were lucky. We’ve had the 27 inch one since 2002 and enjoyed it until this year when it started making an arcing sound, we took it to the repair shop who switched out some speakers and then we brought it home and the arcing sound returned. So we took it back, the repair shop was sorry for the inconvenience. 3 months later, that inconveniece was still there. Same old story on this board, the repair shop was told some parts store in Los Angeles had the part and it was due to be in route. The parts kept getting backed up and the repair store believed the parts may not have even been there. The repair shop was kind enough to reimburse me for the repairs they did do, but we’re on search for our next tv. I guess 5 years was a good deal, but my wife still has a tv that was bought in the early 90s and its still ticking! Whatever happened to products being built to last and if a class action lawsuit comes up, I’d love to be in on it.

From: Greg M
Date: 2007-12-30 11:11:08 -0600

I puchased my 32” advent pos from Best Buy in mid 2002. Always had problems with the sound going low. While cleaning the screen, the static discharge would knock you down and then the sound would be OK for a while. While watching it this mornig it made a pop and the screen went black. When I turned it back on the damn thing caught on fire and now I am cleaning up the fire extinguisher dust. (always have one of the large ones on hand.) We are thankful and lucky that our house didn’t burn down. Can you sue the Chinese?

From: Karen M
Date: 2008-01-28 19:51:10 -0600

I bought an Advent TV in 2004. It has been great… gave it to my dad when I upgraded to a large-screen TV. My mom called today to say the picture would get very red, then after awhile would return to normal. Seems to be doing this repeatedly while on. Anyone had this problem? Otherwise I have been lucky with this TV.

From: JAY
Date: 2008-01-30 21:06:25 -0600

OH, AND P.S. to all of you out there with crappy Advent TVs, if you lose the remote, no universal remotes work!! I have purchased 2 and neither work!

From: michael
Date: 2008-02-05 23:49:01 -0600

what I don’t understand is how every budy is complaining and no budy is doing anything, like gathering names and contacting the company that made the fucking tv’s. if i do not do my work right i don’t get paid!. why shoud they get away with makeing a product that only last a bit then it is a door stop that sucks

From: jerry
Date: 2008-02-08 21:12:15 -0600

I bought a 20” unit at Bestbuy in 2003 to replace the Sony 19” that I bought in 1981. It was the least expensive tv that they had at the time (less than $200.) I have to say that I have not had any problems with it. It even survived an electric switch that failed and caused the Toshiba VCR attached to the tv to fry. I was really surprised that the tv didn’t fry as well. It also fried a clock radio and the power switch on my computer. I tossed the clock and the vcr. Fry’s installed a new power supply for the computer and it worked just fine.

I’m shocked that so many people had so many problems with theirs and I didn’t. I had the tv in the living room of my apartment until 2004 when I moved into a house. It then went into my home office. I used it a lot as I love to watch tv. Never had any problems with the remote either. I don’t know if it was dumb luck or if it was because there weren’t any kids to abuse it. I guess we’ll never know but it still works fine for me. Sorry everyone else had such a bad experience.

From: Patricia C. Nastasi
Date: 2008-03-10 13:14:44 -0500

Well Advent Prima Jensen people, looks like we all got a screwing so far from PWW Services. And your letters like mine to Vince Callaghan former VP of Services will go unanswered. A google search on him will find he has left the company, like so many others. I remain in warranty limbo 11 months and counting. The repair shop with my TV? closed!

From: bob
Date: 2008-03-11 01:03:30 -0500

my speaker on the left i making a buzzing noise thats so annoying…. ne one with the same problem

From: bob
Date: 2008-03-11 01:05:16 -0500

my speaker on the left i making a buzzing noise thats so annoying…. ne one with the same problem

From: G
Date: 2008-04-21 03:38:01 -0500


The Logitec harmony remotes work with the Advent 3251 my GF has.

I’m out here looking for any ideas about why her set randomly turns off during use. Sometimes after 20 minutes sometimes after 6 hours, sometimes never. Guess it’s just more of Advent’s SOP from the comments here.

When the set is on the right side of the screen is compressed so that about 3” of picture is squished in to 1” of space. Also the speakers emit a loud buzzing sound in bright scenes, even though they are turned all the way down and sound is through a separate amp.

If you are researching TVs and considering an Advent… consider something else.

From: Karen
Date: 2008-04-28 16:49:49 -0500

Does anyone have an extra remote to the Advent M2055A TV? My two year old hid it from me about 3 weeks ago and i would really like to get another one… I have had my TV since Dec 2004 and have never had a problem with it. I love the TV I just wish I had a remote…

From: yankee2410<> Puerto Rico
Date: 2008-05-06 19:21:56 -0500

I had bought a ADVENT A328Q on 2006, after a year and a half just die….. start making strange noise , something cracking on the back until die and never turn on again…. Never again will buy nothing branded ADVENT….

From: yankee2410<> Puerto Rico
Date: 2008-05-06 19:29:57 -0500

I had bought a ADVENT A328Q on 2006, after a year and a half just die….. start making strange noise , something cracking on the back until die and never turn on again…. Never again will buy nothing branded ADVENT….

From: andrea
Date: 2008-05-15 20:51:39 -0500

tv/av light is pulsating/blinking on HT2751A, tv no workie! Ditto to all the below, piece of scat.

From: Kirby Zhang
Date: 2008-06-23 01:50:20 -0500

hi I have an HT3251A that “died” two days ago with similar symptoms as others reported. The tube would start to turn on, but then nothing happens.

Today the TV is working again! maybe this tip will help others: UNPLUG YOUR TV, leave it unplugged for a long time (I left it for a whole day). It seems in my case there was built-up capacitance that prevented the TV from starting up.

From: tom
Date: 2008-06-24 12:58:04 -0500

Advent HT2751A. This week it stopped “turning on”. I can’t get the set on, though I have power to it. The TV/AV lihgt will shift from blue to lavender when I press the pwoer button on..but only a clicking noise and a black screen. called ADVENT, they referred me to a local shop..on the phone the guy sounds really sketchy. Anyone with the same problem? Is it a simple repair? Seems like maybe just a relay..but this thread is scaring me

From: Jerry Anderson
Date: 2008-07-15 11:01:30 -0500

I bought a 36in Advent from Brand Smart and it lasted 7 months . So far i have got the run around from Brand Smart and the people that are to fix it. They have been waiting on parts fro one month . I will never buy this product again and when I get ti fixed it will go into a spare bedroom . This product SUCKS !!!!!

From: Jerry Anderson
Date: 2008-07-15 11:01:33 -0500

I bought a 36in Advent from Brand Smart and it lasted 7 months . So far i have got the run around from Brand Smart and the people that are to fix it. They have been waiting on parts fro one month . I will never buy this product again and when I get ti fixed it will go into a spare bedroom . This product SUCKS !!!!!

From: Jerry Anderson
Date: 2008-07-15 11:01:39 -0500

I bought a 36in Advent from Brand Smart and it lasted 7 months . So far i have got the run around from Brand Smart and the people that are to fix it. They have been waiting on parts fro one month . I will never buy this product again and when I get ti fixed it will go into a spare bedroom . This product SUCKS !!!!!

From: Inu
Date: 2008-09-05 22:50:29 -0500

Good tv if the original remote lasts.. But unfortunately my original remote broke, and now I have no way of getting out of SAP mode, so I cant watch some cable channels because it’s in spanish or no sound at all. Guess I’ll have to break down and get another TV.

Date: 2008-09-28 18:03:23 -0500

There is diodes: d516 , d515 , d501 causing bowed in sides, voltage and current fluxuations and failing, that supply vertical control,eprom,and other parts of the video processing circuts. this HT2751a I’m working on has bad solder connections on these diodes that are heating up and failing, this is from them heating up. altough problems can vary in components failing but having the same type of symptoms ,this will be a common problem with tv’s & electronics untill we start making our own chip designs and stop buying foreign products!

Date: 2008-09-28 18:03:37 -0500

There is diodes: d516 , d515 , d501 causing bowed in sides, voltage and current fluxuations and failing, that supply vertical control,eprom,and other parts of the video processing circuts. this HT2751a I’m working on has bad solder connections on these diodes that are heating up and failing, this is from them heating up. altough problems can vary in components failing but having the same type of symptoms ,this will be a common problem with tv’s & electronics untill we start making our own chip designs and stop buying foreign products!

From: KatS
Date: 2008-10-27 00:20:01 -0500

I have an Advent 27” and I bought it second hand. I’ve had it for about a year and it still works fine. The Dish Network Universal remote will program with code 566 but only does power and sound volume. As I was trying to find a code that would work everything I did read something about turning off your tv unplugging it for 4 hours and when you turn it back on it’s supposed to be reset back to factory defaults. This may not work for all problems but might be the solution for some. I’ve heard this solution before for all tvs. Good luck and if anyone finds a code that works for all functions please post. At this time I have the Dish Network Remote with blue buttons and a GE universal remote.

From: TDeez
Date: 2008-12-10 15:20:06 -0600

A mow an elderly womans lawn and she gave me her old 32 magnovox when she got a new one. She told me that “occasionally” it turns off at random. what REALLY happens is the pizza shit wont stay on for 5 seconds without changing the channel, and i’ll take some chinese water torchure before i flip channels all day long. But then a friend gave me his old advent tv for free. i know why, the tint is always green, NO remote or remote code works for it, and the speakers smoke pole. but hey, thanks for the shitty tvs!

From: squid
Date: 2008-12-23 19:52:23 -0600

Get a Philips learning remote SRU4105WM/17 about $8.00 from It works good for Advent M2055A. Should work for all models.

From: Al
Date: 2008-12-27 16:54:49 -0600

I sure wishI had read this blog before I bought a 20” with built in dvd Advent Tv LCD. I bought it for my Rv. The unit has about 20 hours on it and Its about a year and a half old. The TV plays but the dvd player dose not recognise it has a dvd in it. Just playing around with the DVD, I tryed about twenty CDS and DVDS And it decided to play one of the CDS. I took it out and put it back in again and it wouldn’t recognise that there was a cd in it. Took it to a TV repair. The guy would not work on it. He said they will never send the parts. And calling the sevice# They don’t answer you go to phone mail. You can bet on that I will NEVER buy another ADVENT product. And before I make another purchase of any type Im going to check on the web. Hopefully

         we can help them help themselves right  out of the market. And they deserve it<br />

From: Nic Berte
Date: 2011-05-17 17:19:01 -0500

I bought a 15” Advent several years ago, and I believe mine lasted longer than most. What happens is the screen just goes black, although I still have sound. It’s not bad if I wanted to use it as a radio! Again a cheepo deal from Best buy, there has got to be a special place in Hell for all these rip-off artist. If anyone is getting any legal action going,please email me I want to be in on it.

From: Richard
Date: 2011-12-31 11:42:17 -0600

I have a 27” Advent TV HD. I think it’s a 2006 model and I have never had problems with it at all. It has a USB port, and I plugged in a jump drive with pictures on it in order to display a slide show when I am not watching a show. I can’t get the TV to do this and I don’t have my owners manual and can’t find one online. Any suggestions?