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So, a friend of mine wandered into a Firestone store (they do various car service), and had something minor looked at on his car. While it was there, they checked it for other stuff, and pointed out that his front brakes needed to be replaced; they were worn down to metal-on-metal, so they’d need new rotors and everything, about \$500. He said no, because he was in a hurry, and figured he could get them looked at in a day or two.

Today, he brought the car in to a local Car-X to get the brakes done. These people said he had about 25% of the brake pads left, no rotor damage at all, maybe he should come back in the summer or so.

He will. He sure won’t be going back to the Firestone place.

Ever wonder how much of the stuff you get charged for is just made up from whole cloth by people who are having a slow month and want a bit of padding?