5-Speed and the Pluto Spoon


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So, I used to run a BBS, called Schrodinger’s Cathouse. The readers of this BBS were inclined to get together socially from time to time. Everyone went by handles; for instance, one of my friends went by “Troll For Hire”. One guy went by “5-Speed”. At one point, we formed a plan that he’d rent a room in the 3-bedroom apartment I was sharing with one other roommate. This ended up falling through… But not before he brought over a spoon with a handle shaped like Pluto. No, not the planet; Mickey Mouse’s dog. I seem to recall the spoon was used to eat cookie dough, and then left in the dishrack for washing.

He never got around to taking it back. It’s been close to ten years. I still have the spoon. It doesn’t fit the rest of our silverware, but it’s a pretty good spoon, unlike some of the crap we’ve inherited from roommates.

Yet another example of one of those people I’ll never run into again. Weird.

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From: Adam
Date: 2005-03-06 21:59:38 -0600

I had that spoon when I was like 4 years old, but I dropped it in the garbage disposal and it got mauled pretty badly and I had to say goodbye to it. Ironically I dropped an Oneida spoon in there too and it hardly got damaged. I’d give you good money for that spoon, I miss it.