Doing the right thing


Categories: Personal

That’s something you don’t see every day.

A company I do some work for had a deadline; they needed to make a tradeshow with a working product. They were working evenings and weekends. Finally, two days before the show, the guy in charge did the right thing; he cancelled the appearance at the trade show.


Because he knew he couldn’t have the product really ready in time for the show; he knew it would not be the work they wanted to show people. He decided he would rather miss the show, and have a finished, polished, product ready for some other event, than be at a huge trade show and get a lot of interest in a product that wasn’t quite ready yet.

That’s a hard decision to make. Nowadays, people announce schedules months or years in advance, and there’s a great deal of social and economic pressure to make those deadlines, and if they slip, you whip the engineers and make them work 70+ hour weeks. The result is that software is shoddy, and hardware products aren’t always much better.

But, just once, the guy making the decisions was serious about the product, and wanted to do it right… so the product will come out a little later than they hoped, but the bugs will be worked out, and the features will be in place. My contribution, the manual, will be a little more polished off. We’ll have time to make pictures and charts for the things we wanted to cover but haven’t had time to.

When the new Mercurio Guitars come out, they will be perfect. I think they’ll be worth the wait.