And TechCentralStation is still spamming me.


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Just for the record:

I’ve called the number on their website.

I’ve emailed them.

I’ve tried by every reasonable means to find out why I’m on TechCentralStation’s spam list. And I’m still getting spam (most recent hit: November 7th), and I’m still on the list, and they still haven’t told me where they got my address, or why they think they have permission to send junk to it.

Wasn’t the blog community supposed to have clue? How much clue does it take to RESPOND TO EMAIL?

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From: Nix
Date: 2004-04-15 02:05:16 -0500

By all indications, TCS is a paid online lobbying site, not a blog per se. Treat them like any other organization funded by big amoral corporations :(