Tragically, I hate going to Hawaii


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I think this will be my third trip to Hawaii. I still don’t like it. I don’t know why; I’m sure it’s a wonderful place. I think it has to do with travel time; it takes most of a day to get from here to there. This has gotten worse with the flood of totally irrelevant airline “security” measures.

But hey, it’s a chance to work on C standardization, which is fun. There’s a chance that Little Swimmer will be born (and thus probably named) by the time I get back, in which case, I’ll never see Dave and Jordan again. Which is not so nice.

I had an interesting experience tonight. When I stopped by the corner grocery to pick up a bag of peanuts – priced at \$1.99 – the clerk quoted me \$32.77. The cash register, of course, said \$1.99. The credit card got charged \$1.99. Very good deadpan humor. The world needs more humor.

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