I was 0wn3d by a small child.


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So, I was at Best Buy, with my friend Kevin, and I saw a GameCube running a shiny new game called “Soul Calibur 2”. So I went and poked a few buttons to see what it looked like. Beautiful.

So this kid walked up to me and showed me how to play it.

I am so depressed. I used to be sort of okay at fight games. Now? I’m too slow. Too slow by far. I couldn’t even see what he was doing. He seems to have all the special moves (of which there are a number) memorized for each of the characters in the game (of which there are quite a number). I was happy when I got to the point where I could remember that Chun Li kicked a lot if you tapped the kick button repeatedly.

I sort of wonder. Could I be good at this? Is this old age making me slow, or is it lack of practice, what with me actually having to work for a living? How on earth does the kid have time for this? When I went to try Wario World on the other demo GameCube, how did he know all the secret stuff in that, too?

I may no longer be able to compete effectively at video games. My sole consolation is that my spouse isn’t much faster than me.

I think I’ll probably buy Soul Calibur, when it gets cheaper. It looks like fun, only I wish it had a setting to play at something under half speed. But it’s a beautiful game.

I can’t play ‘em any more, but I still like watching ‘em.

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From: Jesse
Date: 2003-10-15 04:17:16 -0500

Ooooo buy it buy it! I shall kick thy boo-tay! Wait, is that an encouragement? It would be a loving, wifely ass-kicking…