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It occurred to me that I have access to an incredibly talented artist, so I got some nice, oogy, green, icky, slime drawn up.

VeriSlime logo

And, of course, t-shirts and bumper stickers are available.

It gets better. Want to print this stuff yourself? Go right ahead. We are releasing these images into the public domain. Do what you want. Make copies. Alter them. Go wild. This is not about me raking in money (if my sales triple, I can take my spouse out to McDonalds), this is about calling attention to the insanely abusive behavior of VeriSign.

UPDATE: Added a new version, using “No Values to Trust” as the slogan. Thanks to James Lick for thinking of it.

New version:
T-shirts and bumper stickers.

Comments [archived]

From: Logan Shaw
Date: 2003-09-19 15:30:25 -0500

I’d like to see some t-shirts that will raise

awareness of the problem. Something the layman

can understand, without any buzzwords. For


Notice an increase in junk e-mail<br />

mid-September?  BLAME VERISIGN.<br />

If there is to be change, the average person

on the street must see, in concrete ways,

the evil of the what verisign is doing.

“The Abuse of Trust” and “No Values to Trust”

are funny, but they’re an in-joke, because

the average person doesn’t already know

Verisign’s slogan.