Car alarms


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The car alarm across the street is going off again.

Our roommate says that people park somewhere else (never by the house in question), then walk over to it, walk in, and leave within five minutes; he thinks it’s a drug dealer’s house. The car sure looks like a drug dealer’s car; a big, boxy, shiny-white sedan with hubcaps that glitter and sparkle.

And a car alarm. Did I mention the car alarm? Dee-doo! Dee-doo! Dee-doo! Weep weep weep! Dee-doo! Dee-doo! Dee-doo! It’s 3AM. And every time a truck, or a particularly heavy car, goes by, the car alarm goes off. Again. And again. The police were by around 8ish, they said that the owner of the house said that the owner of the car (and its keys) were at a football game, so it wouldn’t get turned off until he came home. Well, it’s 3AM, and the car alarm is still going off.

The funny thing is, if he is a drug dealer, this is not merely annoying, but unimaginably stupid. He’s just given everyone in the neighborhood reason to ask the cops to visit his house. Duh.

This is perhaps the stupidest thing I’ve seen involving a car alarm… Oh, who am I kidding, it’s not even close. When we lived in Uptown Minneapolis a few years back, there were some yuppies who had a very very expensive car. I think it was a Lexus. Anyway, it had a very sensitive car alarm, which could only be turned off by actually walking over to the car and doing something.

And they parked it…

Under a walnut tree.

I kid you not.

It was hilarious, but very annoying - but it was enough more annoying for them than for anyone else that I don’t think anyone cared.