TM is back in town!


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TM, my ex-roommate, is back in town. He spent a year in Pearl Harbor, working for Naval Intelligence. There is a great deal of fun to be had explaining to people that “TM used to be in the Army”. No matter how often you do this, he always corrects you. Politely, but he corrects you. “TM used to be in the army.” “Navy.” “Oh, yeah, TM’s ex-army.” “Navy.” It’s great fun.

This is the roommate our psychotic cat hospitalized. He still has the scars. Poor little Yojimbo; she was unable to understand the idea of “these pills will make you healthy”. (I still have scars from that encounter too.)

TM is in Naval Intelligence. All he’s allowed to say is that he looks at pictures. As an amusing side-effect of the way regulations work, I like to tell people he sorts porn for the Navy. The great thing is, he is not allowed to deny this! To confirm or deny anything would be to give some information about what he does, and he’s not allowed. Gotta love regulations.

He’s also one of the sysadmins for, my ISP, and occasionally our webmaster. There’s been talk of upgrading a couple of machines, which we’ll be trying to do this week, and redoing the web site. I’m pushing for something in tasteful plain text; I hate graphics on web sites.

Anyway, TM, welcome back!

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From: Eric
Date: 2004-06-29 16:28:04 -0500

Just wondering, does TM know anything about NESARA,money backed by precious metals. One last thing, Is the area of the petagon that was hit on september 11th naval intelligence? One more thing, is or was there an underground base in the field in Pennsylvania where that plane crashed?

Please get back to me assoon as possible.

Kind reguards,