Who's Kiki, anyway?


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I dunno. Kiki was this one chick. Back when there was a Mandy’s, we used to go there late at night to have coffee. Sometimes, Kiki would be there. It was a great little place. We saw Joel Hodgson there a couple of times. Once, when someone played a ballad on the jukebox, a couple of people did the “holding lighters in the air” thing for a while. Everyone there was always your friend, even if you had no idea who she was.

Which brings us to Kiki. Kiki was this chick who was related, somehow, to one of the people who owned Davanni’s, or so I think I remember. One day, she was talking about how she wanted to learn guitar, but her left hand was too small for it. I had a guitar with a small neck, so I lent it to her, right then. We (and “we” was a fair number of people) all walked over to our apartment, found the guitar, found a bag for it, and she walked home with it.

Years later, it occurred to me that I don’t have any idea how to get in touch with her, should I want my guitar back. It was a Peavey T-60, according to a bit of googling. I remember liking the sound on it a lot. So, Kiki, if you’re out there, can I, like, have my guitar back? Ten years is long enough to decide whether or not you’re interested enough in guitar to buy your own.

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From: Jesse
Date: 2003-09-01 15:17:10 -0500

Oh man, I remember Kiki. Didn’t she borrow my amp as well? I don’t think she meant to steal them. Mandy’s closed, and how were we all going to find each other after that?

From: seebs_lawyer
Date: 2003-09-02 17:48:23 -0500

Good luck getting it back. If you let people borrow instruments for too long, they start to regard them as theirs. I lent a guy my bass for two years and he was a real jerk about giving it back.

I don’t think he changed the strings the whole time he had it. And he broke off the propeller.

From: Kiki??
Date: 2005-01-12 13:32:30 -0600


Kiki Klein is a Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter whose passion for singing and great pop hooks is crystal clear on her debut CD, Out of a Crowd.

She grew up in Rochester, Minnesota, and from a very early age sang with her older siblings, learning the secrets of harmony and the joyous grooves of classic pop music. In her twenties, she began performing with rhythm and blues bands, forging her strong and soulful voice over years of club and wedding gigs.

Kiki moved to the Twin Cities in 1986, and again performed with various R&B bands for several years. But the call of that classic pop music she had first gleamed from her transistor radio and earphone as a kid beckoned. She rekindled a love for the music of the Beatles, Hollies and Kinks (and gained an appreciation for newer works by the Pretenders and XTC), picked up her guitar, and began writing songs.

Fusing elements of classic British pop and the R&B she had cut her teeth on as a singer, Kiki developed her own style, and soon formed the band Union Jack to showcase her new songs. In 1998, she recorded her first disc, Out of a Crowd, a 13-song collection that ranged from the gentle “Next Big Thing”, to the stomping title track, to the very Beatle-esque “No”.

Currently, Kiki is recording songs for her second CD, and will be featured on two cuts from the forthcoming Mike Lane CD Five Acts to Follow. She has also begun to perform with and collaborate with him.

Kiki also plays guitar and sings with the band Indigroove, a costumed 70s funk/party band.

From: kiki klein
Date: 2005-04-17 14:09:33 -0500

Hey there -

I’m Kiki Klein from Minneapolis - I found this site where some guys are talking about some OTHER musician named Kiki - that borrowed gear from people, and they never got it back … etc…

I’m just posting this to set the record straight - the “Kiki” they’re referring to isn’t me!! I have longer fingers - - not short like this other “Kiki” . Also, I’ve never owned, borrowed or played a Peavey guitar!!

There it is - some clarification …

Rock on …

Kiki Klein