Hilarious stupidity


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This is one of the funniest messages I’ve ever received. It was sent anonymously, by “sentinel79@hushmail.com”.


Page read. Four things learned.

Author is script kiddie.
Author is foreign.
Author is female.
Author has inflated ego, thinks doing little things are worth much more
than they are, likes to get paid to do nothing, and has no discipline.

“my hacker, my hacker, my hacker, my hacker, my ex-employee/lazy idiot.”

What does this message tell us? First off, it tells us that the writer is really mad at me for something. Perhaps it’s the spammer who wanted to hire me to fix his malfunctioning spamming scripts. He probably thought he had a reason to be mad at me.

Apart from the occasional idiot who writes me demanding that I help him break into someone’s hotmail account, I don’t think many people have mistaken the Hacker FAQ for an article pertaining in any way to script kiddies. Certainly, the consistent contempt shown for script kiddies should have been a warning. But perhaps our mystery correspondent is simply trying to be insulting.

Author is foreign. How does he conclude this? I have no idea. Perhaps because of the translations. However, whoever he is, he hates foreign people; he thinks this is a big insult. Very insulting. So, really, not only is this guy a coward in the normal ways, but he fears foreigners.

Then we get to “author is female”. Where’s he get this? We don’t know where he gets this. But once again, we find that he’s afraid of something. You gotta feel bad for anyone who has that negative an attitude about women. I mean, he can’t plausibly really think I’m female - no one’s that stupid. So he’s doing it to be insulting, but what does it say that he thinks it’s insulting?

The inflated ego I won’t argue, but the rest of it seems like this is a guy who lost a job to a more-competent hacker, who looked “lazy” to him, and he’s taking it out on the rest of us. The “lazy idiot” thing is particularly telling.

A great deal of bitterness went into that email, compounded with fear. He couldn’t use a real name, or be identifiable in any way; too dangerous. He knows he’s wrong, and he fears the outcomes of his actions.

In the end, all you can do is feel sorry for people like this. It’s funny, but it’s sad.