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So, my spouse’s working on a comic. And it’s a cool comic. It’s tentatively called Metanoia, and I can’t see the title changing any time soon.

What’s it about? All sorts of stuff. Hypothetical answers to questions like “do angels ever possess people, and if so, how?”. Car chases. A supernaturally tough woman who swears like a sailor and is horribly offended when someone says “Jesus Christ!”

It’s about an assassin code-named “Resonator”, and the guy who hired him to talk to a girl about the declining quality of her poetry.

I’m trying not to give too much away. So much of what we’ve talked about is so wonderful - and we can’t tell you, because we might have to change it, and because knowing too soon might spoil the fun.

Right now, the first few sketch-quality pages of the first episode are there. I mean, rough sketches; practically no shading, just outlines and an idea of where the dialogue goes. And, of course, detailed scripts of the next fifteen or so episodes past that…

For now, let me just leave you with an image. A boy’s mother has died. He has traveled far to see his father, and his father has kicked him out, saying he’s old enough to take care of himself. He’s lost, alone, broke… he feels he has nothing, and he’s ready to die. As he prepares to kill himself, he sends up that one, last, desparate prayer; “won’t somebody stop me?”.

The story starts with the word “Yes.”