Hey, Scooter!


Categories: Personal

So, I’ve looked through the logs to see who visits this site, and I’ve found something interesting.

The #1 visitor to my site, ahead of everyone else but me, has the user agent “Scooter/3.2”, and seems to be boatloads of hits from av.com, also known as AltaVista.

In the last day, Google has indexed my site, perhaps, once. Scooter has hit repeatedly, many times more often than Google has.

And yet… Google shows my home page as the #1 hit for “seebs”, and finds this blog, and AltaVista has a hard time figuring out what I might be talking about.

I’m not sure what Scooter is doing, but it’s not resulting in any visibility, but it’s resulting in a fair bit of traffic directly from AltaVista.