Yay for software...


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So, I decided to try movabletype. I mostly like it, except for the way it specifies sizes that don’t work with the huge fonts I love to use. See, I’m a sucker for high resolution displays - and thus, for huge fonts. So, most of the time, when I’m browsing the web, I don’t see ANY fonts under 18 points - I set that as a minimum font size in Mozilla. Unfortunately, MovableType seems to have specified a few things in pixels, so I’ll have to go fix those eventually. Eventually. For now, I’m just happy, not just to have a blog, but to have gotten my first comment! :)

Now, back to hopeless geek stuff. Today’s project: Learn to configure spamassassin as a sendmail delivery filter, because I’m getting over 500 spams a day, and many of my users are into the 30-100 range. Thank you, thank you, kind folks at the DMA: Without your heroic lobbying efforts, spam might well have been reduced to a trickle, and I wouldn’t be able to get this lucrative consulting gig installing spamassassin on a client’s system. Thanks a WHOLE lot. Yup. Very sincere, here; the dripping sarcasm is purely an illusion.