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I’m no good at names (just ask any of the players in my D&D games). So, I don’t know what to call my blog… So you guys can name it for me. Post comments. If I like a name proposal, I’ll change the site’s name to that.

It doesn’t matter how often you change the name of a blog, really - as long as the URL survives, it’s the same place.

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From: seebs
Date: 2003-05-27 02:00:21 -0500

Someone said that the comment thing isn’t working.

From: Badfish
Date: 2003-05-27 02:13:27 -0500

How about “Hey baby wanna check out my log, err, I mean blog?”

Sorry didn’t mean to spam your blog. Just go with something that is a favorite to you, maybe something that rhymes with seebs or Bob.

From: Bill
Date: 2003-05-27 08:51:38 -0500

Just linked to your blog from mine.

Seebs of Destruction might be a good name. Or not.

From: SayUncle
Date: 2003-05-27 10:11:55 -0500

Bad Seebs

Sowing the Seebs of love

Seebie Jeebies

But seriously, nice job! I liked the fax peice.

From: SayUncle
Date: 2003-05-27 11:33:49 -0500

Hehe! looks like i won!

From: Brimshack Gunnaheave
Date: 2003-05-27 18:59:08 -0500

I think you should name your site ‘Ted’.

From: Jesse
Date: 2003-05-30 17:30:44 -0500

How about ‘That which makes Jesse happy by containing spouse words’? …what, too long? :)

From: susanna
Date: 2003-05-31 16:30:24 -0500

Come Over To The Dark Seeb

Oh, Seebus!



Smokin’ Jesse

(that last one is a “didn’t do what you said - haha - smoke!” Okay, I didn’t say it was universally funny.)

From: mike lawson
Date: 2003-05-31 16:45:02 -0500

dang….the power of instapundit….man this guy is good…my blog “hopefully” will be up this weekend…had one a year ago…let it die out….time for the new and aproved…anyways…like “Seebie Jeebies”…and the article your mom wrote.


From: Profeta
Date: 2003-06-04 07:18:04 -0500

10 june 2003: STRIKE of the Bloggers. Dont’ post for 24 hours. We don’ want became “FREDDY”!

Freddy, if you are blog-dipendent.

Don’t become like Freddy.

Who’s Freddy? Freddy is you, in fifty years.

When you hear that a blog is died, you’ll think of good old darling Freddy.

Freddy was from Kansas and he learnt to use the personal computer by a tipical computer science course (considered very trendy!) in a rest house. Final test was the creation of a personal weblog. Excellently, Freddy passed the test with his

The days went by fast behind the monitor of a computer in the internet-room, in the Abraham Lincoln rest house.

Every day Freddy was telling his life through the blog, gripping a morbid relationship with art blogging.

“I’m looking outside the window the park, it surrounds this senility of mine. The time he runs and there is an only difference between me and which I see: everything progresses, instead I regress. I must raise the rhythm to post, I want write a post every 30 minutes and photograph progress/regress of the world and of my life.”

And it was like that he began to describe every little gesture crushing a record on the other in his battle with the Blog.

Yesterday, in his last day as blogger, he has touched the apex of the stress in posting. He was tired, he was not sleeping and he was not eating for two days. This has been the sad final sequence, a key after the other.

-Posted by Freddy at 6:05:03 PM: I do not succeed to type in quickly on the keyboard. So, I will not be able to beat this record. I am too slow. A few times I do not see anything any more.

-Posted by Freddy at 6:05:46 PM: I am writing a post.

-Posted by Freddy at 6:06:25 PM: I am writing that I am writing a post.

-Posted by Freddy at 6:06:46 PM: I have just written that I am writing that I am writing a post.

-Posted by Freddy at 6:07:03 PM: …

Finished, His blog finishes here. Freddy to this point, seems to have fallen to the ground for a cardiac attack.

Freddy is died like his blog, cancelled by the relatives.. maybe.

Also at this moment there is a blogger which is about to close his blog, it is frequent. Freddy and his Blog have turned off themselves together, and it is rare. Does the Blog cause branch? Alienation? It is possible, it is possible. It would now be that on the free Blog creation package someone wrote one of those sentences-misfortune insert on the packages of cigarettes.

It is sad, but I must think.

From: MojoMark
Date: 2003-06-23 20:03:00 -0500

Seebs of Discontent

Seebinator3: Rise of the Blog

Maybe a little on the lame side, but maybe I’ll be back. Discovered you from


From: Jesse
Date: 2003-08-01 00:10:53 -0500

I think it’s about time to change the name, dollface. You’ve enshrined my silliness long enough. May I suggest… hmm… okay, I have no suggestions. If I had, though, I would’ve looked pretty suave, since you can’t see how long I stared at the screen chewing my cuticles. It would’ve looked like the idea just rolled naturally from my brain, instead of being painstakingly unearthed from the trash heap of my creativity. Only I unearthed nothing, so it’s academic. My bookmark still says ‘The Brain of Seebs’, btw.


From: seebs_lawyer
Date: 2003-08-04 22:32:34 -0500

The Meatwad Chronicles?

It’s the Principle of the Thing?

Pump and Dump?

I Hereby Give You Prior Express Invitation and Permission to Kiss My Ass?

The Peanut and Rat Newsletter?

The Errata Sheet?

Seebach Exhibit Seven?

Avoidable Consequences?

Petition for Rehearing Denied?

Work From Home?

Four Mickeys?

I’m Not Bob, You Idiot?

From: Jesse
Date: 2003-08-06 16:14:09 -0500

D00d. I like ‘The Peanut and Rat Newsletter’. I have no idea what it means, but I like it.

From: seebs_lawyer
Date: 2003-08-06 19:39:27 -0500

Ummm… it’s your story. Ask seebs.

From: Jesse
Date: 2003-08-08 03:15:14 -0500

He explained it to me. I don’t recall the incident at all; I do that kind of stuff all the time. I use my cat to remove scary bugs, frex. She loves to torture big freaky beetles and jumpy-shadow-creating moths and omigod-do-they-even-GET-that-big ants. I just plop her down in front of the critter, and it goes from phobia fodder to catfood in five seconds. Now I just need to think up a clever solution to the problem of said cat licking my eyelids while I’m sleeping.

From: seebs
Date: 2003-08-08 09:39:29 -0500

Sleep with your eyes open, so your eyelids are harder to get to!

From: Jesse
Date: 2003-09-02 15:17:34 -0500

Um… what the holy hoorah was that? Are spammers hitting blogs now? If so, I’m going to get physically violent with them.

From: seebs
Date: 2003-09-02 15:37:13 -0500

Yes, that comment (now deleted) was posted by a spammer, who was sharing with the world his favorite penis enlargement site. I think it says everything you need to know that most spammers have a “favorite” penis enlargement site.

From: pja
Date: 2003-09-17 16:49:15 -0500

The obvious name would be “fluffy”.

From: Aptekar Alex
Date: 2004-01-21 22:57:47 -0600

‘May you live all the days of your life.’ - Swift