New art scans!


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I’ve wanted these pictures scanned in for a long time; years, probably. I don’t even remember what year these pictures were done in, but these are the pictures my spouse did for our Christmas cards one year.

The first is a fairly generic angel. Well, generic in that I don’t think it’s one of the named archangels; I’ve never seen anything like it before.


The second is an Annunciation picture. I love it. I don’t know exactly why I love it; mostly, I think, because the angel in it is comforting, and soft, but… not human, and that makes it possible to imagine why it would have to say “Fear Not” almost immediately.

The Annunciation

Of course, these are available through the online store, but the main point is, they’re scanned in.

The secondary point is that 1.75GB of memory is STILL not enough, because the Mac still had to do a lot of paging while trying to stitch together the two parts of the angel picture at 1200 dpi. I’m glad I waited until I had the additional memory, but I’m stunned; how did people do ANYTHING with digital art when machines couldn’t have 2GB of memory?