Assume a spherical cat of uniform happiness

2013-07-18 11:09

But you don’t have to assume her anymore. I have her.

I mean, strictly speaking, she’s not spherical. But she’s certainly a little on the pudgy side, and is the most unreasonably happy cat I have ever seen. Things that make her purr:

  • Petting her.
  • Being near her without petting.
  • Feeding her.
  • Not having fed her yet, but having the ability to provide food in the future.
  • Looking at her.
  • Walking past her without looking at her.
  • Pulling her tail.
  • No, really. Pulling her tail. She starts purring.
  • Lifting her back end by her tail until her back feet are completely off the ground, while she is eating.
  • Providing cat treats.
  • Making a string move.
  • Writing blog posts while ignoring her.
  • Moving heavy boxes past her.
  • Pushing her face away from something she should not be chewing on.

The tail thing actually had me a bit worried that maybe she had nerve damage, but I once managed to pinch her tail hardenough that she made a questioning mew of “perhaps that is not quite as pleasant as I previously thought”. So she has nerve function there, she just likes all experiences rather than preferring some to others.

Peter Seebach



  1. When younger, my cat enjoyed being picked up entirely by her tail.

    She’d spread all four legs out, as if preparing to land, and look at the floor expectantly. She was going to finish falling eventually, she was sure of it.

    … Don’t do this so much nowadays because she’s genuinely obese, and I’m pretty sure something would break.

    — Amy · 2013-07-19 22:23 · #