The bat: Nature's temporary pet!

2013-05-02 16:49

Now available for limited time trials: The bat, nature’s temporary pet!

Your new bat will provide minutes to hours of enjoyment before leaving you. It’s the pet you don’t have to take care of^SM^.

Your bat has many amazing talents and abilities.

  • Can fly frantically in circles for hours!
  • Can acrobatically dodge mid-air obstacles you can’t even see!
  • May not be able to dodge walls.
  • Don’t worry about your bat being stingy with infectious diseases; if it has rabies, it brought enough for everyone!
  • Your bat will be fanatically loyal, and will definitely not fly out through any open doorways or windows during its time with you.
  • Not even if you are waving a broom at it or something.
  • Your bat may make noises! If you’re over 20, you’ll never know either way, though.

Goodbye, Mister Squeaky! We hope you remember us fondly now that you are back in the great outdoors.

Peter Seebach