2003-09-25 22:34

The Cranky User book, it turns out, is likely to have cartoons. At least one of the cartoons won’t be in the book – it’s a bit over the top. But there should be a few cartoons, to spruce things up a bit. Beloved Spouse is doing a couple, and a friend from Internet Infidels has volunteered to contribute some. YAY!

In other writing-related news: I don’t know how much of it was mishearing, and how much of it was shoddy arithmetic, but I was recently presented with an offer which suggested that, should a book sell 5,000 copies, my royalties would be $30,000. For various reasons, my royalties on that project would only be about 5% of the publisher’s price. So… at $6/book, that makes the publisher sell it for $120, and that means street retail price would be around $240. My first theory was that the illustrations were to be gold leaf, but in fact, it was a misunderstanding. More news on that if and when contracts are signed and I’m cleared to talk about it.

Peter Seebach