Mmm, starbucks.

2012-03-25 21:43

Okay, simple fact: I like frappucino, but it’s overpriced.

But Starbucks recently got a tiny little hilariously ineffectual boycott launched against them for coming out and saying that they support gay marriage. I particularly like this quote from their shareholder meeting

“I think any decision of this type or magnitude has to be made with great thoughtfulness,” Schultz said. “And I would assure you that the senior team of Starbucks discussed this, and it was … to be candid with you, not something that was a difficult decision for us.”

There’s no Starbucks around here, but I happened to be up in the Sin Cities, as they call them, and whaddya know, Target had boxes of Frappucino. So I got some.

Thing about boycotts: If the outraged responses to your stupid boycott draw more business in, they’re not working. (Speaking of which, the mall girl scouts sold me 24 boxes of thin mints today.)

Peter Seebach




  1. Interesting, I hadn’t realized any of this was going on. I think I’ll go get a Starbucks this weekend before I help my daughter sell her Girl Scout cookies :)

    aynfean · 2012-03-25 22:19 · #