Man, that was fun.

2011-10-16 23:14

You’ve played 1 Days, 1 Hours, 22 Minutes, 32 Seconds

I was added to the “Extra Life Defiant” (as opposed to Guardian, the other faction) guild in probably the first 20 minutes or so I was in the game. Wandered off a couple of times to cook, but for any extended absence, I logged out, so I’m pretty sure I cleared 24 hours.

We’ll see. Overall stats from Extra Life:

  • Total donations: In excess of $1.1 million. Their counter display broke.
  • “Trion Worlds” team (mostly other RIFT players): 700 people, exact number changed a bit through the event
  • Donations for “Trion Worlds” team: About $34k last I checked.
  • According to Trion, they had over 2,000 players active in the event, so a lot of them weren’t on the “Trion Worlds” team, but were doing the event anyway.

I didn’t make my donations goal, but then, I didn’t start until way too late, and a lot of my friends are broke enough that “give $25 to these total strangers” is a legitimately hard pitch.

Had a lot of fun, stabbed a lot of monsters in the face, raised money for charity. A good weekend over all.

Peter Seebach