Studio Whipping Boy

2004-10-02 20:57

It’s been a long day’s puttering and configuring, but the initial pages are up for Studio Whipping Boy. What’s that? That’s a studio consisting of Chartreuse, my lovely spouse, Fireball, our roommate, and the writer of Kagerou, and the inimitable Rah.

There’s a few projects here, too. This is the new home of Metanoia, Cynthia, and Cold Iron. There’s a lot of half-finished things; we haven’t put many images in Rah’s image gallery, for instance, but we’ve got the comment code working. (That was a lot of fun; the image gallery in question presumes MySQL, not PosgreSQL, but I would rather use PostgreSQL, which is, so far as I can tell, superior in every possible way.)

Lots of fun, and now I’m getting some milage out of my high-speed personal DSL.

Peter Seebach




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