New Cranky User columns up!

2004-02-16 01:35

It’s been a while, so I decided to update my local listings of Cranky User columns. In a bit, I hope to be doing the same thing for my various other IBM columns that have run in the last year or so.

The columns are on my IBM columns page. Here’s the topics of the ones added:

  • What ever happened to professional ethics?
  • And in this corner: Copy protection versus usability
  • Strategies for handling customer feedback
  • Yes, Virginia, security affects usability
  • What can users do?
  • The recent brouhaha with Site Finder
  • The importance of documentation
  • Ease-of-use or marketing-driven sabotage
  • Anthills into mountains

When I get a chance, I’ll do up the top-secret original version of the Verisign column. It was a tad stronger in the original.

Peter Seebach